Sunday, 5 September 2010

Resisting (some) temptations…

Saturday was not a bad day for me despite my not being very pleased when I weighed in in the morning – more of that later!

I was up pretty early to go shopping before Tesco got too busy (I hate shopping on Saturdays…) and then walked into town for some other shopping that Tesco couldn’t supply. When I headed out I planned to get a coffee of some kind while I was there, but as it turned out the place I was going to try didn’t open until about 10 minutes after I was all done and ready to leave, so I didn’t bother.

When I got home I made some soup for a few lunches, which I’ve been putting off for the last few weekends. M then suggested pizza for tea. I didn’t think that was a good idea for him as he’s had a really good week diet-wise (only breaking on my birthday) and seemed to b e getting on a roll, but he wore me down! Except I really didn’t want pizza. I used to love it, but since cutting back and starting to make my own much healthier versions I find takeaway pizzas much less appealing. So I suggested he tried a new place almost next door to my favourite chip shop and decided to get myself fish and chips (instead of a big salad I’d been planning earlier) while waiting for his pizza. However, by the time I got into town I’d realised that although I liked the idea of fish and chips better than pizza, I really didn’t want either – so I got his pizza (OK, and a beer for myself…) and went home again to make the salad! I’d also given myself permission to get a few bits of pic’n’mix as a treat, but in the even wasn’t inspired so I only got literally 2 sweets. Not perfect, but could have been so much worse!!! I think the main reason I was able to turn down the fish and chips was that I added it into my online food diary and was so horrified at the total that I couldn’t stand to use that many calories so half-heartedly!

We watched the Robert Downey Junior Sherlock Holmes movie in the afternoon. I enjoyed it a lot, it was funny, exciting and the man is sexy (despite all his past(?) bad habits)… but I’m not sure Arthur Conan Doyle would have recognised his creation! Usually it annoys me when movies mess too much with established characters or storylines, but this was so far off that it kind of won me over anyway!!!

Food today:

Breakfast: All bran with berries

Lunch: Laura of Keeping Slim & Getting Stylish’s Pea, mint & broccoli soup with lite bread, salad and LC. Absolutely delicious – and it smelled so good while it was cooking too!P1070691

Dinner: Slow-cooked chicken with a monster salad. Half of a slice each of the 2 small pizzas I bought in the spirit of trying out a new place for future reference – truly tiny pieces though!


Snacks: Protein bar (My Protein’s Vanilla & Honeycomb flavour – so good! It was like a dense, satisfying piece of vanilla fudge that unlike real fudge didn’t melt away in the mouth leaving you wondering where the extra inch around your waist came from…)


Greek yoghurt mixed with plain cottage cheese and topped with a dried fruit mix – a surprisingly delicious combination!

P1070692 P1070694

Weight: 10 st 4 lbs (144 lbs)


  1. Glad you liked the soup! I've only tried one of those protein bars - the chocolate one and it was really satisfing, like you say very 'dense' I must try out the honey comb one, a bar that tastes like fudge yes please!

  2. Love the soup and greek yogurt and cottage cheese combo:)

    BTW ditch those ****** scales, scales are for fish(put them on ebay and freecycle anything:)!