Tuesday, 21 September 2010

A mixed day

My PC problems continued this morning, with the wretched thing agreeing to boot up on the fourth attempt, staying that way long enough for me to copy a few key files onto a USB drive then crashing again...  This evening it took half a dozen attempts to get it to boot, and since then its stayed on for about 3 hours with no problems, I don’t know if its fixed or lulling me into a false sense of security!

To add to the fraught morning I'd tried to bake a sweet loaf in the slow cooker overnight, but the electronic timer I use to control the slow cooker because it has no timer of its own didn't work (we had a couple of power cuts over the weekend and I think that reset the timer settings, so I had to set the timer up again this morning and transfer my baking into the ordinary oven)

Technology sucks and I'm going to learn how to cook over an open fire while handwriting letters, possibly on a wax tablet with a pointed stick...

Because of all this I didn't train at all this morning - well, that and the headache I woke up with. I decided to do a circuit based work-out after work instead. I did a 20 minute interval program on the elliptical walker, 10 minutes of intervals on the stationary bike & the rower, and before, after, and in between the machines I did some chin ups and pull ups as well.

I did manage a walk at lunchtime, and it was a great relief to get out and away from the PC for a while. And it was a great walk even without that - I went over the fields to the next village, which is a pretty little place with some lovely old houses, a proper village green, and an excitingly named pub:

P1070790 P1070791 P1070792 P1070793 P1070794 P1070795 P1070796

Today I just wandered around smiling a lot because it was nice to find somewhere new to walk instead of also going the same way to the same place. Next time I'll explore a bit more!

I was starving all day again today. Could it be because there’s a nip in the air in the mornings to remind me that autumn is here and winter isn’t far away? I had both my planned snacks AND an extra protein bar before lunch – and then a Twix afterwards. I had to change my planned dinner, walk at lunch time and train after dinner to stay within calories – but I did manage it, so long as the exercise calculations on WLR aren’t too far out!

Before I forget, thanks for the award, Lis! I'll have to think about my answers to the questions...  and you've reminded me that I forgot to think JAG for her award some time ago - and to follow the rules! I'll do them both I promise, and thanks again to both of you for the awards and for reading!

Food today:
Breakfast: All bran with berries

Lunch: Chicken, veg & barley soup with lite bread & LC. Sorry – I was so hungry after my walk I forgot to get my camera out! But you’ve seen it all before…

Dinner: Vegetable fried rice with a couple of turkey rashers added at the last minute when I remembered they needed eating.


Snacks: Greek yoghurt with granola; Greek yoghurt with defrosted fruit; small protein bar; Twix; one small slice of my sweet loaf spread with LC for post-training snack / supper

P1070804 P1070806

Weight: 10 st 2.25lbs (142.25 lbs)


  1. What a wonderful walk.

    Beware of that pub though... it could be a Ham Bush!

  2. Nice shots! You have great talent in capturing moments. For a simple walk, you created a masterpiece. Congratulations!