Monday, 13 September 2010


I've been under the weather again today - and I'm starting to get really sick of the way that my stupid body keeps turning on me! I'm treating it better than I did for decades, with relatively few slip ups and hiccups and its one thing after another. I'm sure I was healthier when I was fat and slothful... I'd like to think I'm run down because I'm such an exercise demon and I just need a rest, but we all know that ain't true, don't we? I keep fairly active most of the time, yes, but I'm certainly no hard-core athlete. I know that I have no dietary deficiencies because I was tested for that recently while I was feeling so depressed, ditto my liver function and thyroid function were checked and fine... I guess my body just hates me. And its mutual, today at least. I guess it makes a change for me to feel that way without tying it to my weight though! And, so far, without eating my own bodyweight in garbage either. OK, enough moaning for now...
Yesterday I managed to avoid stuffing my face with baked goods, and froze most of the muffins apart from 8 berry muffins that I brought to give my Dad & his wife. The cookies were brought into work and put into the kitchen and they disappeared very quickly, with just a little help from me - I had 2. I find it odd but good that I was so much in the mood to bake and so little in the mood to pig out on the results - most uncharacteristic of me!

I didn't train this morning due to the whole 'under the weather' thing. Instead I did a little light housework so that I could feel a little bit productive if not very inspired. At least now it doesn't need doing again just yet!

Food today:

Breakfast: all bran with berries and a hard boiled egg


Lunch: Corn chowder and a toasted sandwich of sweet chilli Phillie and red pepper - not the best I've ever made, I don't think the Phillie liked being toasted!


Dinner: Pork chop braised in gravy with mango chutney and vegetables,


followed by a slice of home-made Cornish cider cake with a little clotted cream


Snacks: Greek yogurt with granola; Greek yoghurt with summer fruits (defrosted overnight) 2 oatmeal raisin chocolate chip cookies

Weight: 10 st 1.4lbs (141.4lbs)

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  1. I will often have mango chutney with a curry, but I would never have thought to put it with a pork chop. Must be a nice change from the traditional apple sauce :)