Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Energetic start

I woke up before my alarm went off this morning (as is usual for me when I don't spend half the night awake), and felt much more energetic. So much more energetic that I decided to shake up my morning training a bit, and did a sort of circuit - pull ups, rower, chin ups, walker, chin ups, plank (just one - they're so boring!!!), stationary bike, pull ups. I did 10 mins on the rower and walker, 20 on the bike, and managed 4 each of the chin ups and pull ups first time round, 3 the other times. The good thing was that I actually did get my chin up to or over the bar every time for both chin ups and pull ups - though I admit to a little helping jump for the last couple! I got satisfactorily sweaty and was absolutely starving by the time I got to work and got my breakfast together.
I am now aching from the chin & pull ups.... and my hands are really sore, I forgot that I get blisters / calluses when I use the rowing machine and didn’t remember to wear my gloves :-(

I spent my lunch break reading the nutrition book again. Just sitting reading it is pretty tedious, but I'll be more interested once I'm applying it to an assignment I'm sure... When I felt I’d had enough I wandered outside for a little sun exposure and wild life…

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Food today:
Breakfast: All bran with berries

Lunch: Carrot, red lentil & cumin soup - a bought soup from Waitrose, I've decided to eat more soups for lunch as I'm sick of prepping salads every night - plus soup is more appealing now that the weather is cooler. With a sandwich of lite bread and baked tofu that had been marinated in Reggae reggae sauce before baking - I was pleasantly surprised by this sandwich though the addition of salad to bulk it up would have helped. (I’d eaten half the sandwich earlier because I was feeling really nibbly and trying to avoid excess)


Dinner: Stir fry (from a prepared package) with salmon that had been marinated briefly in a mixture of white miso, soy sauce, sake & mirin. The salmon wasn’t great because I didn’t use enough marinade and baked it in foil instead of grilling it – I’ll know better next time


Snacks: Greek yoghurt with granola; a mini babybel light and soy 'nuts' and popcorn. I also bought a slice of toffee-pecan cake at a local garden centre (I went in for cauliflowers – they didn’t have any – so toffee-pecan cake seemed like a fair exchange!)


I cut it in half and threw half away before I started it. It was nice but not exceptional – but I would have eaten the whole thing if I hadn’t done that, and the icing alone was way too much!  There’s about an inch of it… The icing and the toffee flavour were both great, but pecans are a little too bitter for my taste and seemed a little bit jarring to me.

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  1. Hmmm, I love toffee - don't know that I could have given that up! Way to go on your morning training! There is no way that I could do even a single pull up. Awesome!