Sunday, 5 September 2010

Another rainy Sunday

I talked to my FiL yesterday and he was asking how I was getting on with the borrowed bike. The answer of course was that I hadn’t been on it since getting my job offer :-(. So this morning I hauled it out and went for a ridiculously hard (very hilly round here!!!) 20 minute ride. It was good, so I’m going to try harder to remember that I have it!

I planned on walking into Chepstow for a coffee as well, but unfortunately almost the minute I put the bike away and showered in preparation the rain started… and didn’t stop. Some of the time it was raining hard, some just drizzling, all of it unappealing. So I declared today a partial rest day and drove into town for my shopping (and coffee fix!) instead ;-)

This afternoon was taken up almost entirely with food prep for the week. I’m fed up of my evenings zooming by with no time for anything else so I decided to get a head start. I cooked up 6 bean burgers with the intention of having one for lunch six times (not in a row!); baked some tofu for the same reason; made enough popcorn for 2 days-worth of snacks (don’t want to let it get stale before I can eat it) and weighed out 5 portions of all bran with berries before making my lunch for tomorrow. I’ve planned several slow cooker meals for the week which will be prepped the night before, but I don’t mind that as I’m not looking to give up the kitchen altogether!

Food today:

Breakfast: Toast with jam and cottage cheese


Lunch: Pea, mint & broccoli soup with LC on beer bread


Dinner: Slow cooked vegetable curry from the freezer with cauliflower ‘rice’ and salad


Snacks: Forest fruits protein bar (very nice but not as good as the Vanilla Honeycomb one from yesterday!) – no photo as it looks exactly the same as yesterday’s!

Greek yoghurt with all bran and strawberries;


skinny vanilla latte with biscotti


Weight today: 10 st 2.1lbs (142.1 lbs)

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  1. Wow, Chrissie - you've just reminded me how much I love All-bran and that I can have it with yoghurt! I think my lunches for work may see a few changes. They've been getting a bit samey and boring. Thanks, more than I can express :-)