Friday, 27 August 2010

The words…

I wrote this yesterday and again forget to send it to myself. Didn’t have time to rewrite it, hence the wordless post I filled in with yesterday. So – that was the Thursday that was….

No morning training today. I'm aching a fair amount today, I guess that the workout from Tuesday hit home. Obviously the secret to not feeling frustrated by the need to take a rest day is to work hard enough that you ache so much a rest is all you can think of...;-) I ordered a foam roller yesterday so that should be lots of fun... I had a deep tissue massage years ago (lympahtic drainage) and it was really painful, so the idea of a self-inflicted sports massage is really appealing... but as I am aching today (mainly my legs - and my hamstrings are soooo tight) I wish it was here already so I could get on with it! (I've had to settle for stretching at every opportunity and hoping no-one walks into the ladies as I'm touching my toes!!!) Does anyone know if using a foam rollerhelps to open the hips a bit more? Still thinking about my rubbish squats...
I'm still not happy with the food options I'm choosing so far here either. I know I'm going for convenience and portability, but I can't help wanting to be satisfied and enjoy the food as well, is that so much to ask??? Actually while typing that I've realised what the problem is, and how stupid do I feel... for months I ate my main meal at lunchtime because it stopped me grazing through the afternoon and now I've reverted to a more traditional pattern with very little notice / adjustment time - and I'm wondering why I want my afternoon snack as soon as I've finished my lunch???? Now that makes sense, I shouldn't have taken so long to figure that out! AND my Greek yoghurt portions have shrunk because I was eating 200 ml at home and the Fage pots I'm now buying are only 170. OK, not a huge difference, but still, at least now I can see a reason for increased hunger other than insanity / upcoming binge. Oh yes, and today excluded I've also trained in the mornings - and all my training this week, morning or evening, has been higher intensity than the walking I was doing previously. Wow, I've been sleep-walking through my own brain worrying about my hunger signals this week!
More rain today... I hate driving on the M4 in rain, how is it that the M4 produces so much more spray than any other road? I switch from the M48 to the M4 and I really notice a difference - I guess that its down to the volume of traffic but it seems weird. And annoying.
Food today:
Breakfast: Oats & oatbran soaked over night in soya milk with peaches; also an iced coffee - whey smoothie (I added raspberries and strawberries as an experiment - it was odd, not horrible, but probably won't do that again!)
Lunch: Salad with a hard boiled egg and cauldron falafels
Dinner: Quorn bolognese stuffed red pepper and a salad
Snacks: Greek yoghurt with seeds;
2* babybel light with an apple.
6 mini eggs. Then I entered them into WLR (still under calories - hurray!) and discovered that in that small handful of sweets was 96 calories (based on the numbers for the Cadbury's version.) Argh!!! Nice, but so not worth that - and now that I know it, really rather obvious too. That should help me resist them from now on!
Weight: 10 st 4.4lbs (144.lbs) and still constipated...

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