Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Why can’t I stop being hungry today???

I did cycle early again today – but only about 3 and a half miles, and that’s the only exercise I’ve had so far (planning a walk in a bit) so that’s not it! Stress maybe? I have a job interview tomorrow so please everyone cross your fingers and think of me at 3 pm (Greenwich mean time ;-) )

I wanted to walk earlier but it kept raining. Then I had a delivery of a new brand of protein bars that I want to try due, so I was waiting in for them. They were late. Then the sun started shining but I was waiting to hear about the interview. I guess I just answered my own question – the real question should be why do I always respond to frustration with hunger pangs???

Some pictures from my garden, as I’ve been using it to boost my Vitamin D this afternoon…

P1070548 P1070549 P1070550 P1070551 P1070553 P1070554


The slate I complained about yesterday is the bluish stone you can see around the above shrubs – I don’t know whether you can tell how heavy it was from these pictures though!!!

Got my walk in the end – and thoroughly enjoyed it, though it was very hot and heavy!

P1070558 P1070559

Food today:

Breakfast: A pre-cycle snack of iced coffee blended with a frozen banana and some chocolate whey (have you noticed I’m trying to get protein into the day earlier these days?) then after the bike ride, All bran with peaches and strawberries


Lunch: A massive stir fry with a very small amount of leftover barbecued beef and some teriyaki tofu – very tasty, and it should really have been more filling!


Dinner: Soup – chicken & veg. And a small cone of chips while out on my walk if I can’t resist!!!

P1070555 P1070556


Snacks: Greek yoghurt with jam & mixed seed butter


A hard boiled egg


A protein bar

P1070547P1070541 P1070542 

Weight: 10 st 3.4lbs (143.4 lbs) AGAIN


  1. Your garden's looking nice!

  2. Mmmmm. The foods you eat sound so good! It's getting late but you have reminded me to try and fit in a walk before the sun sets!

  3. Gorgeous garden! How was the protein bar?

  4. I need to take a little leaf from your book and eat proteins earlier on in the day. My yoghurt is all very well, but... Can't face protein bars (don't know why) but your gorgeous looking boiled egg reminded me just how I can accomplish that - thanks :-)

    BTW Your garden's looking lovely.

  5. BTW too - did you pull that 'sentimental' dress out of the charity bag or is it gone? I've struggled with the self-same thing.