Tuesday, 24 August 2010


Blog today:
Bizarre weather as I was driving in today - bright sunshine (dazzling at times) with rain at the same time. The rain persisted long enough to get me more than a bit damp by the time I reached the office! I drive in through some really beautiful scenery that I obviously can't share with you because I'm driving the car and don't want to die ;-) The problem is once again that I can't look at it and enjoy it! Hard though it is to believe I wouldn't mind one (just one!) traffic jam in the right location so I could have a good look around and enjoy it for a change!

I did a short session on the stationary bike this morning. My borrowed mountain bike has no light and I'm leaving the house just as it gets light so I can't use the real bike in the mornings sadly. On the other hand I get to watch TV while I cycle, so that's not too bad. Apparently I burned hardly any calories, though the sweat dripping from my hair when I finished said otherwise. I think its probably because I only remembered to put on the chest strap to measure my heart rate a few minutes into the session - must remember to do that up front next time, and to moisten the contacts at the start rather than waiting till the sweat does that. I followed it with one chin up and one pull up - I know that's pathetic, but I injured myself at the weekend so they were really testing if it was healed yet. "Just about" was the answer - and for both I managed to get my chin up above the bar (with a very little starting jump) - more than I've managed in the past. I also did 2 sets of 20 press ups this morning. I've been thinking that for time efficiency I should incorporate Tabata workouts - has anyone tried these? If you have, what did you think of them?

I left all my cash out of my bag for work today, as I am feeling the pull of the vending machine already. It worked on my last contract, and I'm not ashamed to use strategy to bolster (weak) will power! I'm not sure if it the knowledge that I can't get extra food, the morning training or the fact that I had my breakfast earlier than I'm used to, but I was starving by about 10:30 this morning. I've decided to bring my main breakfast to work rather than eating it then driving for an hour to start work at around 7 am - there's too big a gap between breakfast and lunch that way. If I have my protein shake split between pre-and post-training like this morning, that should keep me going until 7am, when I'll be able to have breakfast at my desk. I must admit there's a large part of me that is screaming in protest at having to come up with all these strategies just to stop myself overeating. I can't help thinking that now I'm been maintaining (around holidays) within a 4 lb weight range for about 3 years it should be starting to come more naturally to me. I know a new job is a bit of an upheaval  and routines do need to change as a result - but I also know, and you know too, that it doesn't take anything that specific to put me back in a place of over-eating or wanting to. I do feel like a bit like a jelly fish at times like this (no idea if jelly fish binge - I'm just talking spineless!)
Then I think about it and realise that actually it does come more naturally to me now. I don't want all the same things I used to want, and I certainly don't want as much of them. I'm just more hyper-aware of what I'm eating or wanting to eat than I used to be, and I guess that's a small price to pay for being so much slimmer. Even if it doesn't always feel like it. So that’s good.

Food today:
Breakfast: Pre- and post training shake of MP Max chocolate whey blended with half a banana, ice and and iced latte. All bran with peaches and strawberries

Lunch: A salt beef & gherkin sandwich and a small portion (I think the last) of Watermelon and Red pepper soup. I like the convenience of a chilled soup in a flask for lunch at the office, so I'll be making some more / looking for more chilled soup recipes. Any suggestions?


Dinner: Slow-cooked mushroom, barley and lentil stew with grilled asparagus and broccoli. This was delicious, although you’d have to really really like mushrooms – the dried mushrooms in this recipe are really strongly flavoured, and the overall effect is very meaty


Snacks: Greek yoghurt with oats, seeds and raspberries, and a protein bar - very easy to eat at my desk obviously, but I'd rather be eating real food. I must come up with a new snack idea for the afternoons that boosts my protein, is easy to eat, doesn't smell (don't want to be antisocial - so hard boiled eggs and tins of fish are out!). Help...?
Weight today: 10 st 3.4lbs (143.4 lbs)

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  1. I love tabata workouts, I find them very effective, and tough!