Friday, 27 August 2010

TGI Friday

And finally a dry day at work! It has literally rained every day since I started work until today (and even today I drove in through a steady light drizzle).

Below you can see the new bane of my life… the food supplies at the office. Can you see how healthy it all is??? The drinks cabinet contains sugar-free flavoured water, pepsi max & diet coke – everything else is full sugar & calorie; likewise the only low cal options in the food one are Special K bars and sugar free gum. Guess I’ll keep leaving the money behind!!!

P1070628 P1070629 P1070630

At lunchtime I finally managed to get out for a walk around the village. It is kind of pretty, though there isn’t much there in the way of amenities. There is a path alongside the canal, so I’ll be exploring that as soon as we have another dry work day! It was so nice to stretch my (still achy) legs for a change instead of eating at the desk and sitting there right through my lunch break. I had also done a short stationary bike workout in the morning, just to try to get the blood moving in my legs!

P1070623 P1070634

Food today:

Breakfast: Food today: Soaked oats and oatbran with peaches, strawberries AND raspberries.


Lunch: Salad with falafels, egg and feta cheese.


Dinner: Stir fry with quorn chicken style pieces



P1070618 P1070632

Weight: 10 st 3.4lbs (143.4lbs)

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