Sunday, 8 August 2010


I did go out for a walk today, as the weather is a bit sunnier and more attractive.

Food today:

Breakfast: A sandwich of wholemeal bread, LC, one hardboiled egg & 2 grilled (well, leftover BBQ’d ) low fat sausages


Lunch: I was going to make a soup but in the end didn’t feel like cooking (even though there’s no real difference between cooking a soup and heating one up – which I still did) so instead I bought a carton of New Covent Garden Spicy Sweetcorn soup. It was not at all spicy but very tasty and quite filling as I ate the whole carton, and I had some of my oat-beer bread spread with LC and topped with some home-grown tomatoes my Mum gave me when they visited.

P1070071 P1070072

Dinner: Mini turkey meat-loaf muffins (leftovers – I made them for M last weekend) with Waitrose bubble & squeak, leek, cauliflower & peas in onion gravy


Snacks: Summer fruit & spinach smoothie bolstered with 100g of plain cottage cheese and sprinkled with cinnamon;


Greek yoghurt with berries


I also ate a few unpictured macadamia nuts and a mini Green & Blacks butterscotch chocolate bar

Weight: 10 st 1.1lbs (141.1lbs)

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