Sunday, 1 August 2010

Sunday and all’s well

Feeling a lot more cheerful today thankfully. It hasn’t been a very eventful or exciting day, but I didn’t want it to be. I walked into Chepstow this morning and did more shopping than was probably advisable, so I ended up with a very heavy rucksack, plus another carrier bag of light shopping for a walk that took an hour and a quarter, on a day that was hot and sticky 9though overcast and unattractive) having already walked 4 miles. That’s a long drawn- out way of saying that I’m kind of tired now, if you hadn’t guessed!

  P1060997 P1060998 P1060999

Food today:

Breakfast: I made a fruitless muesli out of the various different flakes and puffed cereals I bought in Whole Foods Market plus some seeds and nuts. It was not the most exciting thing I’ve ever eaten but I think I could come to like it if I do it a few times and get used to the lack of sweetening of any kind. I may try toasting the flakes some time – maybe the nuts too – for a bit more flavour.


Lunch: 10 bean & vegetable soup and an LC, tomato and cucumber sandwich


Dinner: Hot Mexican Tamale Bean Pie. WLR readers can get the recipe from the database – its by ERIN123, and I just fancied trying it. I’ve never had tamale pie before so I don’t know if any part of its authentic – but I do know it was very tasty, though not spicy enough, so I’ll add some chilli powder or some chipotle in adobo to the filling next time.

P1070006  P1070008

Snacks: On the way to Chepstow I had a Cocoa Orange Nak’d bar. In town I had a mango & OJ smoothie instead of coffee at my normal coffee shop – I was already warm and sweaty enough (sorry fellow coffee shop customers!!!) to welcome a cold drink for a change.


On the way home as the shopping started to really weigh on me I had a small bag of Peanut M&Ms for a quick energy boost! Then this afternoon I had a large serving of cottage cheese with summer berries stirred in (still frozen).


Weight: 10 st 1.5lbs (141.5 lbs)

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  1. The tamale pie looks good, I've never heard of it before.