Saturday, 21 August 2010

Rainy, depressing Saturday

I still walked into town though, as I missed out on a walk – in fact, on all exercise - yesterday and am unlikely to have many chances during the week from now on it seemed like a good idea, and it was only a light drizzle then. I quite enjoyed the walk though I don’t think I’ll ever like walking in the rain as much as on a sunny day! I got my hair cut while I was out – nothing exciting, just a trim!

I also went on the stationary bike in the afternoon, to earn a naughty dessert after dinner… I was reading the second Lance Armstrong autobiography at the time, and I’m not sure if his story inspired my extra exercise session or if I just didn’t want to feel guilty about dessert!

Food today:

Breakfast: All bran with strawberries & raspberries


Lunch: Based on the bruschetta my brother and I had on Wednesday I bought a stone-baked loaf from Waitrose along with some vine tomatoes, fresh basil, and red onion. I added some feta cheese as well – he’s not a fan of cheese but I love it – however, in this instance I think he was right! The saltiness gave a creamy texture and flavour contrast, but the creaminess slightly took away from the freshness and lightness of the basic topping, I felt.


Dinner: Slow-cooked vegetable curry based on this recipe – except I substituted cauliflower, onion and green beans for potatoes & celery! I served it with buckwheat instead of rice. It was very tasty, but more of a casserole than a curry – I’m starting to think maybe American curry powders are better at withstanding slow cooking than British ones, as they never turn out very curry-like when I do them.


Followed by… Irish cream chocolate tart from Waitrose! O.M.G. Lighter than it looked like it would be (a good thing) yet delicious and creamy. Mmmm. I’ve told M if he doesn’t eat the leftovers I’ll be binning them, we’ll see how that goes!

P1070589 P1070590

Snacks: A bowl of Greek Yoghurt with raw oats;


some raisins and almonds

Weight: 10 st 4lbs (144 lbs) WTF!!! Oh, yeah, high sodium takeaway and less water drunk than usual as well yesterday…

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  1. Yumm bruschetta and chocolate tart.. want!