Monday, 16 August 2010

Monday maybe not so bad…

I was up very early again this morning, but for once with a mission… on Saturday my father in law brought over a bike for me to borrow. The idea is that I try it out for a few weeks in order to decide if I want to buy one for myself, rather than jumping in and buying one blind after more than 25 years out of the saddle! I wanted to test it (and myself) very early because I was a bit nervous and didn’t want too much traffic around. The sun came up around 5:30 am and about 6 am I was hitting the road… no, not literally! I rode about 5 miles in a round trip to my favourite restaurant. There was very little traffic as planned, so it didn’t matter when I braked too hard of fluffed a gear change. I’m not going to say that I instantly loved the experience, but by the time I rode home again (as well as aching thighs) I was feeling happier on the bike than in the beginning, which is all I wanted for the first trip out!

Once it was late enough to risk making noise outside I started lugging bags of slate around to spread it on the flower beds. Its the last slate left from a major job we did covering all the beds last year – we kept some back at that point to make sure that if there were bare patches revealed when plants grew or died back we could cover them with the same colour slate. I think there were about 10 bags, each 25 litres of slate, and they had been stored out in the garden for about a year, so they were wet, muddy, and very heavy! And my muscles were busy reminding me of those chin ups and negative chin ups yesterday – a bit sad, I didn’t do very many but clearly I am not strong!!! This was followed by my least favourite job of all time – cleaning the barbecue grill – and then I decided I’d had enough.

After lunch I walked into town for some shopping. I loaded up on a few big items to make the rucksack heavier – then regretted it when the rucksack pulled my shoulders back! I really must keep these exercises up now that I’ve felt how much they effect the muscles! I enjoyed my walk much more than I have been doing lately though!

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This evening I went through my wardrobe throwing a few things away and selecting a lot more to donate to a charity shop. I feel quite good about it, and managed to fill my big rucksack – but there’s at least one thing in there I’ll be sorry to lose (sentimental reasons – I bought it for our first cruise holiday (which was actually my first holiday with M)). However, along with most of the other items its just far too big now and I’m determined never to be able to wear them again, so I’m going to bite the bullet and take them in tomorrow. Unless I sneak that one dress out…

Food today:

Breakfast: All bran with raspberries and strawberries and a protein shake of chocolate whey with iced coffee – I quite liked this and it gave me some energy for the bike ride so I’ll do that again.


Lunch: Leftover barbecued beef in a salad with feta cheese and peppers


Dinner: Chicken soup bulked up with spinach and peas and prawns with hot thai dipping sauce (that’s what it says on the bottle – it was actually more citrusy than spicy hot)


Snacks: Cottage cheese with pineapple


and a handful of nuts; a sandwich of one slice wholemeal bread spread with half a wedge of LC, plus some wafer thin ham, chicken slices and a little bit of mature cheddar toasted in my health grill


Weight: 10 st 3.4lbs (143.4 lbs)

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  1. Yay for biking! I think borrowing is an excellent idea - you know that Cha-Cha is a borrowed bike. I hope you get as much enjoyment out of riding as I do.

    As usual, beautiful pictures. And because I don't understand - slate, as in rock?

    I'm still catching up with my reading, blogging and commenting.

    BTW, don't let your lack of swimming deter you from whitewater rafting. You really rely upon the vests - they encourage you just to float, feet first down the river, with your arms folded across your chest and let someone rescue you! Swimming isn't required or even advised!