Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Looks like I’ve got a job!

Its just a 2 month contract, but I’m fine with that to get myself back into the market. Its only 5 miles from my Mum’s house (just under an hour each way from mine) so there’ll be less time for me to blog & read blogs because I don’t want to quit getting exercise, but they said they have flexible hours so we’ll have to see how it works out and I’ll still be on as much as I can. The final confirmation will be tomorrow, once they’ve officially issued the contract.

The weird thing is that after waiting all this time, they want me to start on FRIDAY – this week I mean! WTF???

This morning I went to the doctor, who had my blood drawn for some tests. You all know I’ve been feeling down and not myself for quite a while now; I decided to ask for help, and as a first step to get my physical health looked at. If nothing shows up in the blood tests he’ll want to consider looking at my depression as an emotional / psychological issue – of course getting a job some distance away will make that harder, so fingers crossed I just need to start taking a supplement or something. Or even just need to mix more with people – I am feeling a bit better already!

After the interview I stopped at my brother’s house to chat, as I had originally invited him to my house today. I stayed for a few hours and enjoyed talking with him, though it would have been better if we could’ve followed my original plan of a full day and a nice lunch. Ah well, getting back into the market is more important than fun right now I guess, and it isn’t like this was my only chance. Going there did mean I got to hang out with his beautiful cat as well!



Food today:

Breakfast: all bran with peaches and strawberries and a protein shake made with plain whey & apple and mango juice

Lunch: Armenian stuffed eggplant from a new cookbook – The Lowfat Jewish Vegetarian cookbook, by Debra Wasserman. The aubergine / eggplant is stuffed with a mixture of aubergine flesh, mushrooms, onion and dried mint, and is pretty unattractive I admit, but very tasty. It was served with lightly steamed broccoli and green beans sauteed then simmered with tomatoes and onions.



Dinner: My brother got some wonderful ripe tomatoes and made a sort of bruschetta – crusty white bread toasted under the grill and topped with tomatoes tossed with red onion, fresh basil, garlic and olive oil. Sadly I forgot to photograph it, but it was delicious and very fresh tasting.

Snacks: A summer fruit smoothie in a bowl; a protein bar (nice and fudgy in texture – yesterday’s was heavier and more dense)

P1070562 P1070563 P1070564

and a few pieces of celebratory chocolate

Weight: 10 st 3.1 lbs (143.1lbs)

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  1. Congrats on the job!! That's brilliant news :-) I love the kitty pics too, adorable!