Friday, 13 August 2010

Knightsbridge & Kensington

The Borough of Kensington & Chelsea has always been one of my favourite parts of London, the one I would live in if I ever won the lottery, both for its gorgeous architecture and its interesting shops. I wanted to shop on Kensington High Street today and M asked me to check something out for him, so I tubed-it to Sloane Square, then walked from there to Kensington High Street.

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Food today:

Breakfast: Wetherspoons traditional cooked breakfast with toast

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Lunch: Whole Food Market ‘SAF’ restaurant (vegan mostly raw foods) Banh Mi sandwich

P1070475 P1070476

Dinner: Mixed vegetable chow mein (I only ate half) with a small handful of chips


Snacks: Multiple Starbucks frappaccinos and lattes; a 9 bar; a few pieces of yoghurt-coated fruit; and a portion of yoghurt with fruit

P1070454 P1070477

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