Monday, 23 August 2010

I had a post planned today.

I wrote it in my lunch break (and OK, I tweaked in a few quiet minutes throughout the day as well). It wasn’t great, but it was better than this. Because when I left work, I left without emailing myself the post. D’oh.

So, I started with a confession. Last night I caved and ate the rest of the tart. I bet you never saw that coming, did you???? No, me either… What did surprise me was how OK I felt about it afterwards. It felt like a treat, an overindulgence, a splurge. I didn’t binge. I didn’t even feel like bingeing. I wanted to eat it rather than throw it away so I did, and afterwards I felt OK about it. Almost healthy, huh?

Today I slightly regretted this when, around 9am I got an email inviting me to go eat cake with my new (female) co-workers. I didn’t desperately want to eat cake, but I also didn’t want to say no right after joining the company. A colleague was showing me the system at 11am, when the cake was due to happen, and I was hoping that would give me an absolutely un-offensive excuse. It didn’t – one of the very pleasant ladies I now work with came looking for me to make sure I didn’t miss out, so I ate cake today as well. But this cake was home-made, carrot & banana cake, and delicious. It wasn’t something I could have any time I wanted just by walking into Tesco, so even though I wasn’t fussed about it to begin with I don’t mind. Though I may not weigh myself tomorrow anyway. And eating cake today didn’t make me binge either! I know I’m not really growing out of it at last, but that makes me happy just the same.

I got up early this morning and did a 20 minute HIIT program on the elliptical walker before driving to work. The session was not one of my best – lower resistance selected, lower energy applied – but then I’d only had a cup of coffee all night (since the chocolate tart!!!) so I was pleased with doing that much and plan to continue starting the day right, with the intention of having another 20-30 minute session in the evening as well. I didn’t do that today because I stopped off to visit my Mum for a couple of hours before coming home, and then got back to realise that I had a post to write from scratch – so its your fault I didn’t train again ;-)

Food today:

Breakfast: all bran with strawberries and  peaches

Lunch: A cous cous and roasted vegetable salad (home-made) with some spinach, tomatoes and cucumber.

Dinner: A prawn stir fry cooked for me by my lovely Mum ;-) As I didn’t think to take my camera to work, I couldn’t photograph that either. My camera is now in my bag to make sure tomorrow is more pictorial!!!

Snacks: Carrot and banana cake!!!! Plus Greek yoghurt with raspberries & oats (eaten earlier) and an afternoon protein bar.

Weight: 10 st 3.25lbs (143.25lbs)

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  1. The carrot and banana cake wasn't cake, it was a bonding opportunity ;) Plus nobody should ever feel guilty about eating a form of carrot cake!

    PS. How does adding banana compare to regular carrot cake? Is there still that legendary soft cheese frosting? So many questions, so little time... :)