Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Highgate to Hampstead

The sun was back today and you would never have known it rained all day yesterday!

I decided that as I couldn’t do my walk yesterday due to the rain, I would do it today instead. The planned walk started at Highgate tube station, covered Highgate Cemetery (where Karl Marx is buried), and crossed Hampstead Heath via Kenwood House ( a stately home open to the public that I’ve wanted to visit for a while) to reach Hampstead. This should take about 4 and a half hours (if you have a decent sense of direction and don’t stop to visit Kenwood House or shop or buy coffee..)

P1070321 P1070322

Douglas Adams grave above – I love the biro memorials!

P1070324 P1070325 P1070329 P1070330 P1070332 P1070337 P1070341


Karl Marx of course…

Highgate Cemetery was fascinating, and I liked the village itself as well.

P1070315 P1070320 P1070357 P1070359 P1070361 P1070362 P1070363 P1070364

Kenwood House was impressive from the outside:


I didn’t have time to go in!

Unfortunately, the directions given in my London Walks books referred to a gate from Kenwood House to Hampstead Heath that I couldn’t find, leading to an hour long session of walking in overlapping circles getting nowhere,

 P1070367 P1070368 P1070372 P1070373 P1070376 P1070389 P1070391 P1070392

until I gave up the portion of the walk that should’ve taken me through the Heath, found my way back to the road, and walked around the park by road to Hampstead. Only to discover that Hampstead looks like a bomb has hit it – the water company is replacing / repairing the pipes under the High Street and the whole area is shut off and dug up. Bits of the surrounding area seemed unaffected and charming, but the main streets were a mess!

P1070398 P1070399 P1070403 P1070405 P1070406 P1070407 P1070411 P1070414 P1070416 P1070420 P1070424 P1070426

Food today:

Breakfast: 250g low fat cottage cheese with 250g fresh fruit salad, along with a Costa coffee – takeout style! I really really really didn’t want this when I got it out of the fridge, but forced myself on the grounds that I had to have something and there weren’t very many options more appealing close by; and in the end I really enjoyed it.

 P1070307 P1070308

Lunch: At Kenwood House I ate in their cafe – free range pork & herb sausages with boiled potatoes and vegetables:

P1070383 P1070384 P1070385 P1070386 

Followed by a gooseberry and elderflower tart – just the right side of tart too!!!


Dinner: Will probably be pizza but I’ll have to let you know tomorrow for sure or I won’t have time to publish my post today

Snacks: Disaster!!! One could say binge, but I don’t think it was – I’ve just wanted carbs so much today!!!
9-bar for morning snack, and that’s all I had in the morning.

In the afternoon – frozen yoghurt with granola topping:


Some fudge and coconut ice (not vast amounts – sorry, no picture!)  and a Krispy Kreme caramel dreamcake doughnut. AARRGH I think heat, stress – when picturing myself trapped overnight on Hampstead Heath – and generally feeling like it!!!


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  1. Those pictures are so stunning! I am envious of your walking neighborhood - that's a lot of walking too!

    Hope you are having a great week!