Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Golders Hill Park

Yes, I’m back in London again. I decided that a change of scene would be a good distraction from the general crappiness I’ve been feeling lately, so here I am. It worked fairly well yesterday – I did overeat, but most of that fell into the normal mealtimes and didn’t constitute a binge, and I wasn’t depressed hardly at all.

Crossing the bridge into England…

P1070076 P1070077

I had a couple of things planned for yesterday, but as always my plans were fluid and didn’t entirely work out. In the morning I took the tube to Golders Green intending to visit Golders Hill Park (part of Hampstead Heath I believe) and then walk to Hendon to visit the RAF museum at Hendon Aerodrome (did I tell you my Dad used to be in the RAF?)

The first part of the plan worked very well, and I loved the park with its cute little zoo.

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Then I walked along Golders Green Road to Hendon, where I finally found a shop that would sell one of my favourite discoveries when I worked in Dallas, which I hadn’t been able to find since – Old Bay seasoning. I know its a small thing, but it made me happy!



I was getting hungry by now and very thirsty so I made a detour to Brent Cross Shopping Centre, where I ended up eating in a chain I hadn’t eaten at since I was doing my second degree in Hatfield, just outside London – Wagamama’s! They’re all over London and I’ve thought about eating there lots of times since starting these visits but always been put off because they seat everyone together at long canteen-style tables and that’s not very appealing if you’re dining alone. However, I bit the bullet – and thoroughly enjoyed my meal!

After lunch I decided the weather was too nice to go to the museum so instead I took the tube and then walked to Leicester Square in search of a theatre ticket for Wednesday, I didn’t get one yesterday but will probably go back today (they advised me to try after 10 am on Wednesday – the matinee is at 2:30pm – but I’ve decided I’d rather pay a little more to be sure of getting in)

Then I walked back to Waterloo for my train. In total (counting a little before hitting the City and going for dinner in the evening) I walked nearly 10 miles again.

 P1070185 P1070189 P1070190 P1070191 P1070192 P1070193 P1070194 P1070198 P1070199 P1070200

Food today:

Breakfast: Before driving into town I had a small chocolate espresso bread muffin spread with LC and strawberry jam, then in Feltham I went to Wetherspoons wanting to take advantage of their new breakfast deals and get some porridge but they didn’t have any so I had an egg breakfast roll – it was actually very good

P1070078 P1070079

Lunch: Wagamamas Yasai yaki soba – vegetarian noodles. Absolutely delicious!

P1070187 P1070188

Dinner: Nando’s Beef prego roll with (whoops) peri-peri chips and corn – Yum!!!


Snacks: Whoops again, and here’s where the over-eating really kicked in… In Golders Hill Park I wanted an ice-cream but the refreshments place didn’t have any so I had a slice of apple pie instead (wonderful by the way!)


Then in the afternoon – a cross between dessert for lunch and afternoon snack – I stopped at Itsu on High Holborn for a trult mini frozen yoghurt with fresh strawberries. I love frozen yoghurt! Why don’t more places do it? So much more refreshing and less sickly than ice-cream (not that I don’t love ice-cream too…)

P1070195 P1070196

Weight: Don’t know, didn’t have time to weigh


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