Thursday, 5 August 2010

Busy again – Thursday

Another attempt was made at jet washing the patio this morning. I have an amazing talent for the job – if it takes talent to produce vast quantities of filthy water that washes around on the already cleaned slabs and refuses to drain away because the ground is so dry and high in clay, and the sheer volume of water overwhelms it. Ah well, its not yet good enough but it is better than it was – as it should be after I’ve spent 2 full mornings on it! Next time I go back over it with luck the water sloshing around will be cleaner and not so prone to undoing all my hard work!

After that I had another go at cleaning a chair from our patio furniture. I have some chemical to put on it to stop it turning green when left outdoors all year round, but it has to be very dry before you can apply that so I’m waiting for it to dry off, as the cleaner has to rinsed off in the last step. Man, my life is glamorous and exciting!

Mum and her OH (Other Half) left around 8:30 this morning and I plunged straight back into the housework and (see above) gardening efforts again. The satisfaction level is now dropping… knew it wouldn’t last long! The morning went quite well in terms of keeping busy & not eating too much again though.

This afternoon wasn’t quite as good as I did feel picky. I bought some pic ‘n’ mix for my afternoon snack – not a huge amount, and I substituted it for my planned protein shake, but it wasn’t originally planned or worth the calories. Then I had some ice-cream after dinner – ditto.

Ah well, including calories for fighting with the jet wash (I equate that to hoovering) and spending 40 mins on the elliptical walker I think I ended the day pretty flat!

Oh yes, and while carelessly bending over in a short t-shirt yesterday the secret of my tattoo was accidentally revealed… Mum was not impressed, but didn’t make a big deal of my ‘self-mutilation!!!’

Food today:

Breakfast: Oatbran soaked in soya milk with cookies & cream whey, strawberries and peaches - Mmmmm


Lunch: A massive stir fry with tofu (very good – much better than last time)


Dinner: Baked beans & dry fried mushroom on toast – a last minute substitution for soup & a sandwich!


Snacks: The last portion of my healthy apple crumble from yesterday with Greek yoghurt and honey (still looks awful while tasting much better – this would actually make a good breakfast dish);


pic ‘n’ mix.

Weight : 10 st 1.25lbs (141.25 lbs)

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  1. Your stir fry look amazing!

    Wales must be very much like the Seattle area as far as things turning green. I can remember spending lots of time getting the moss/mold off of everything, including the north side of the house and the roof!