Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Back to work!

It was misty today as I drove in, which I must admit I always find a bit scary, especially when I'm driving on windy, hilly country roads that I'm not yet very familiar with.  I got in bright and early despite starting the day with a 40 minute elliptical program.
At lunchtime I managed another walk in the sunshine. I wanted to explore a foot path I'd noticed last week; sadly after I walked through 10,000,000 spiders webs the path just stopped at the canal and I just had to turn back  and change direction :-( It was still good to get out and get some (sort of) fresh air though! I find myself much less prone to a post-lunch slump if I can do that (I still don't much like the early afternoon mind you...) There still isn't much to do in the village, I'm not sure it will stay a nice place to walk for the full 2 months of my contract. I know I seem to walk to the same two places all the time, but I'm generally doing that so I can do something specific when I get there!!!

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I decided to wait until after my walk to eat lunch to see if it helped me resist the snacking urge in the afternoon. I'm not sure that was the best idea though as I ended up stopping at a local garage and buying a tiny snack... it was only just over 100 calories though! (Fudge bar, haven't had one for ages, used to love them....)

Food today:

Breakfast: A gorgeous protein shake of iced coffee, vanilla rice milk, chocolate whey and a banana (with some chia seed goo I soaked at the weekend when planning some baking that didn't happen) pre- and post- training, followed by soaked oatbran and oats with blueberries, raspberries & strawberries when I reached work.

Lunch: Salad with prawns and a mandarin Muller Light yoghurt. I haven't had a flavoured yoghurt for months and this wasn't very satisfying so I think I'll stick with the Greek yoghurt instead!


Dinner: Massive stir fry with teriyaki tofu

Snacks: Greek yoghurt with We Are Bear granola; protein bar; Fudge bar


and some liquorice allsorts…
I've decided not to weigh daily while I'm working. If you don't want to suffer TMI, look away now...
I've been getting into a ridiculous ritual process ever morning where I go to the bathroom, weigh, drink a cup of coffee, go to the bathroom again, weigh again... This started when I started feeling a bit constipated, the first weigh in often happening before I've managed to... er... go. That was fine (if ridiculously obsessive) while I wasn't working because I had all day for chores, training, cooking etc. Now, I can't fit it into my morning alongside training unless I start getting up earlier - and even I'm not that obsessive! So I didn't weigh this morning and I'm planning on leaving it until Saturday, though I may weigh sooner if I decide on a rest day in the week.

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  1. That stir-fry looks amazing! I also try to "go" before weighing in. But if I've had a cup of coffee, then no go. I have to be as empty as possible to count my weigh in. :-) And have dry hair.