Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Tuesday and a less energetic day

I think I overdid it yesterday! I walked into town this morning to get a hair cut (just a boring trim) and it was weird, but I kept stumbling along through the fields like I wasn’t picking my feet up properly… I felt fine yesterday, but decided against a replay today! However, apart from the stumbling, and the fact that I was apparently terrifying every animal I passed – at least the rabbits just fled, the mummy & daddy horses and cows started following me as if they were considering a stampede / making sure I was really leaving – I quite enjoyed the walk in the end.


Close up horses making sure I’m leaving


These more distant horses felt the same way… tis the season for foals and calves and little lambs a-gambolling I suppose. It was still a nice warm day, though not as bright as it has been.

P1060404 P1060405 P1060406 P1060408

And these cows were downright menacing, see how they followed me till I crawled under the fence??? If I’d had a dog with me I might’ve been stampeded…

The afternoon was spent on housework. After deciding I deserve to live in a better cared for house I’d already decided to do more each week until everything was up to scratch after all the time I’ve spent being a total slob. Then at the weekend a visit was arranged for some of M’s family – they have to visit Wales for a funeral and needed a place to spend a couple of nights. I haven’t met them before, so of course now I feel like more of a pig than usual and have to do lots of housework to make sure they don’t turn around and walk right back out again ;-)

Food today was a bit tougher:

Breakfast: All bran with strawberries and peaches

Lunch: Stir fried lobster with buckwheat noodles – not bad, but a little bland. I should have dug out the dried chillies or chilli sauce!


Dinner: A huge salad with borlotti beans, peppers, and red onion, topped with humnut sauce as a dressing – very tasty made with roasted tomato houmous that needed using up. I wouldn’t have minded having more, but I only had a very little bit of houmous and wasn’t sure how good it would be anyway!


Snacks: Far. too. many. nuts. Spicy peanuts – in the bin. Salted cashews – still clinging on, I think I might be past the worst. If not, they’ll follow the same path.

And a cookie, but it was broken when I bought it so all the calories had fallen out.

And some cottage cheese with jam + We Are Bear Granola


Weight: 10 st 3.1lbs (143.1lbs)

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  1. I love the spotted horses. Thank you for sharing your pics. Good luck with your company-prep. Nothing like the threat of company to strike panic (for me, anyways).