Saturday, 31 July 2010


No Friday post today, I didn’t have the best day (not food/weight loss related) and don’t really feel like posting about it!

This morning I walked into town for some shopping, not the best walk because it was both humid and overcast most of the way.

In the afternoon, we watched A Perfect Getaway. I wasn’t expecting much of this movie, but enjoyed it in the end.

Food today:

Breakfast: Multigrain porridge with soya milk, cookies & cream whey, and berries. This was really good – I just need my oats / grains to be a little less bland than they come, and these were just right thanks to the flavoured whey.


Lunch: Prawn fried rice (left over from yesterday – I didn’t eat dinner last night)


Dinner: Vegetable pizza with salad

P1060991 P1060992

Snacks: Cashew and pecan Bounce ball;

P1060988 P1060989

Greek yoghurt with We Are Bear granola and seed mix. Plus a few nuts


Weight: 10 st 1lb (141 lbs) – fairly sure this is because I missed a meal yesterday, and without going overboard I’ve made up for it today so I’m expecting a rebound tomorrow.

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