Saturday, 17 July 2010

Saturday = BBQ day

I walked into town this morning in search of BBQ supplies. I had to pick my way through the castle ground because there was a Volkswagen convention going on and the place was full of VW camper vans, cars that were so old they looked more like tanks, portaloos and tents every where I looked! I think tomorrow’s walk will go somewhere else, as I feel a bit inhibited walking around, looking around when surrounded by people essentially living in the grounds for a couple of days!

In the evening I barbecued as you’ve probably already gathered. I had a plank for cooking some fish, which had been soaking all day long in the sink yet still insisted on bursting into flames (though still produced some delicious fish!) so it was kind of stressful and involved lots of splashing water on flames then cursing the ash thrown up! The end result was much better than it probably should have been! And I cooked up some extras again so they’ll go into the freezer for another time.

Food today:

Breakfast: All bran with peaches & strawberries

Lunch: Courgette & Watercress soup with half a meat loaf sandwich

P1060608 P1060609

Dinner: Pescatorian BBQ! Quorn sausage, halloumi marinated in Nando’s Hot sauce, vegetables cooked in foil and a piece of mahi mahi marinated in a red pepper marinade (from Waitrose – so I’ve no recipe) with a Japanese somen noodle, tuna, cucumber & onion salad, asparagus, and a small mixed salad


Snacks: Cashew cookie Nak’d bar, Nimble toast with cottage cheese & jam;




Weight: 10st 4.5 lbs (144.5 lbs)


  1. It is my goal one day to eat Nimble toast! Is that a brand or a descriptor?

    Your BBQ fish sounds wonderful and know what you mean about the planks. I have had the same problem and I supposed it was because I wasn't patient enough with my coals and had the fire too hot. But as you said, it always turns out good regardless of the little incidents along the way.

  2. The soup and asparagus look unbelievably good... I always though you shouldn't eat asparagus out of season (i.e. after the end of May!) but yours looks so scrummy! :o)