Saturday, 3 July 2010

Ready for rain

Its so hot and sticky here! The sun is lovely and bright, but walking into town this morning after taking a shower left me so sweaty you would have thought I hadn’t washed for a month ;-) OK it was exacerbated because my rucksack was full of library books and falafels but that’s beside the point ;-)

Anyhow, I did walk into town along the railway line again. The recent weather has caused some kind of growth explosion in the weeds and nettles that used to grow alongside the track but are now trying to met in the middle, so I have to fight my way through – and through the cobwebs that reappear every day too!

I slept pretty badly last night again and ended up taking a short siesta this afternoon! I don’t really like napping as it leaves me feeling thick headed and groggy but I guess I needed it this time. Might have been better to lie on a bed rather than my short sofa though, it’s left my neck feeling a little bit stiff.

I’m still sticking mostly to my plan of recording what I eat without counting the calories. I think its helping because I can’t obsess over fat / protein grams, and if I’m not sure how many calories I have had I’m currently managing to resist eating extra stuff that might push my days eating too high! Not really intuitive eating, but I’ll take it! I’m still weighing out the food most of the time (the lasagne yesterday was just done by feel) so I shouldn’t have any nasty surprises. At the end of the week if I’m just maintaining I will probably go back to the calorie counting, hopefully in a slightly less childishly resentful way ;-)

Food today:

Breakfast: All bran with peaches and strawberries

Lunch: South African Peanut stew reduced to a thick sauce with a small chicken breast added, served with buckwheat. It should have been tofu rather than chicken but when I defrosted the tofu it turned out to be halloumi I’d frozen to see if I could salvage it because I couldn’t use it up before the cruise. I have got to get better at labelling the food I freeze, I’m too prone to assume it will be obvious what it is even after its turned into a featureless lump with no smell to guide me…


Dinner: One wrap filled with grilled halloumi and portobello mushroom (marinated with peri peri of course) and some grilled peppers; one wrap spread with houmous and filled with mixed bell peppers and salad. Absolutely wonderful except that they kept falling apart because I used A LOT more filling today than in yesterday’s less successful wrap efforts! But look at the colours! And can you ever have too many veggies? I think not….


Snacks: A Solero ice-cream eaten on the way home from town (with no photo) – just what I needed! Plus a few dried prunes when I got home just because; Greek yoghurt with We Are Bear Apple Crunch granola and a little fruit – just a few blueberries and grapes.


Weight today: Still 10 st 4lbs (144lbs).

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  1. I'm glad that I've never been a calorie counter, I'd think I'd become too obbessed if I ever had! You definiatley can't have too many veggies, those wraps look delicious x