Wednesday, 21 July 2010

A park, a zoo, and a binge…

I went to London Zoo yesterday, in Regent’s Park. The zoo was excellent (despite a million screaming children), the weather was overcast (to start with) and yet very hot and humid. I ended up sun burnt quite badly. I also had back ache all day. So I went back to the hotel earlier than I’d planned – and binged. All in all the day was still good, but I think I won’t be coming back to London to sightsee in this weather again!

I walked to the Park from Waterloo in the morning. It was fairly pleasant then, not as hot as later and I was trying to stay hydrated. I reached the Park at the bottom and had to walk through to the Zoo, then out the top end of the park and along to the entrance. I think that’s when my problems started  because the paths through the park are mostly quite open and exposed to the sun, which was just then emerging from the cloud cover.

P1060652 P1060653 P1060654 P1060655

When I finally got into the Zoo I started at the Aquarium, which was good but obviously much smaller than the one we saw in Lisbon on the last holiday (that one’s the biggest in Europe I believe)

P1060659 P1060674 P1060678 P1060680 P1060688 P1060700 P1060704 P1060711 P1060716 P1060721 P1060760

Then I moved on in search of Komodo dragons and Galapagos tortoises…

P1060772 P1060777

Before looking for cuter animals

P1060783 P1060791 P1060796 P1060799 P1060801 P1060804 P1060805 P1060806 P1060808 P1060809 

Can you see the lion hiding above? It was trying hard to be invisible, so probably not!

Then it was off to EAT in Tottenham Court Road for lunch – after once again walking the wide open paths of Regent’s Park

I walked around a bit more after lunch, but was flagging fast so before long I was heading for the train. I only walked 11K yesterday, but it felt further! I didn’t do a much better job of hydrating myself and the sun burn didn’t help. I was basically a dumbass again.

Food today (those of a sensitive disposition look away)

Breakfast: Greek yoghurt with We Are Bear granola and fruit salad


Lunch: Chicken Pho and a small pot of yoghurt with blueberry and pomegranate compote

P1060833 P1060834

Dinner: I had Nepalese food – but forgot my camera! I had a started that looked a lot like chicken shashlik (but spicier) and a Fish curry with plain boiled  rice – very good indeed, so I grovel in shame at the lack of photos!

Snacks / binge foods: A cashew cookie Nak’d bar. A sausage in a roll in Regent’s park (intended as a higher protein, lower carb option than my usual snacks)

P1060656 P1060657

A Lemon Meringue Pie Krispy Kreme – planned for, so i don’t feel bad, there are NO Krispy Kremes in Wales!

P1060835 P1060836

Another Nak’d bar, a Snickers Bar, a bag of Walkers Salt & vinegar crisps, and a reasonably large quantity of dried fruit and nuts…


back to the drawing board I guess…


  1. Ease up on yourself a bit, Chrissie. No name calling allowed :-) Today (whenever that is for you) will be better.

    Nepalese food, huh? Sounds very interesting! I don't know that I'll ever get to Nepal, but I hope to get to London sometime to try it.

    Have a good day!

  2. Ooooh. Your London trip sounds interesting! I keep promising myself that I'll take the coach down from the Midlands and do some 'sight-seeing'. It's a good way to get in some walking - a form of exercise I really don't mind. I love the hustle and bustle of London. (I wouldn't want to live there though!) I am counting the pennies at the moment, so a London trip is on hold! Great to read about your adventures though. Makes me even more determined to have at least a day out in London sometime soon:)