Thursday, 15 July 2010

Not much to say today

It poured with rain this morning, Literally sheets of water hammering down till my back garden flooded helplessly. Though everything has been so parched it didn’t take long to drain away once the onslaught ended. P1060588

The rain brought out some visitors in search of food…


I didn’t walk because the weather didn’t look reliable enough. Instead I went on the elliptical again. I’m using different programs this week to keep it slightly more interesting, and I also increased the resistance. Now every time I go up the stairs I feel like I’ve walked 15 miles up a mountain (not aching, just really heavy-legged) – I think that’s mainly left over from yesterday ;-)

Food today:

Breakfast: All bran with strawberries, peaches and vanilla rice milk – definitely less filling than soya milk


Lunch: Monster stir fry with teriyaki tofu again


Dinner: Courgette & watercress soup; a toasted sandwich with LC, babybel light, apple and cinnamon

P1060598 P1060599

And some Ben & Jerrys Cherry Garcia frozen yoghurt

Snacks: Overnight oats with whey, vanilla rice milk & chia seeds too liquid and bland sadly :-(


and a summer fruit smoothie topped with a teaspoon of grape nuts for crunch


also a babybel light

Weight: 143.5lbs (10st 3.5 lbs)


  1. Your stirfry looks divine! I hope your rain lets up - although your back garden does look lovely in the rain.

  2. Your watercress soup looks so pretty! I've never seen that before!