Sunday, 18 July 2010

No-picture Sunday

I’ve taken pictures, but misplaced my camera lead :-( They’ll have to follow at a later date!

I declared today a rest day as I’m planning a busy walking week next week – plus I haven’t had many lately and I’m feeling a little knackered. Once again no training / walking = snacky & picky…

Once again I failed to fight the urge, mostly. Apart from one urge – I started craving chocolate or cheesecake (or – why not – chocolate cheesecake!!!) this afternoon, but rather than walking / driving / baking my craving into reality I decided to enlist my husband to distract me and the craving seems to have worn off – for now anyway! The calories are still want higher than called for even so, but small victories are still victories, I guess…

Food today:

Breakfast: Was actually worth photographing!!! Remember the Somen noodle salad I made yesterday? And the vegetables I cooked in a foil parcel on the BBQ? I added a couple of eggs and a splash of soy sauce to turn the salad into an omelette (the mayonnaise worried me a little, and so did the cucumbers – but I thought what the hell!) and served it with the veggies. It was actually nicer than I thought it would be, though I think picking out the cucumber might have made it even better!

Picture will go here… maybe

Unfortunately savoury breakfasts just never fill me up :-( however big they are :-(

Lunch: South African peanut stew with tofu added, served over raw spinach that sort of wilted in the heat from the stew. The stew + tofu is a great combination, but the spinach didn’t really add a lot to be honest.

Dinner: Should have been light given the snacking below… but wasn’t. I was heating up a pack of Uncle Ben’s Express rice and some bought Swedish meatballs for M (yeah, I know, gourmet cooking from Chrissie!!!) so I did some for me too. Added some gravy, peas & corn for veggies. I gave him most of it, so the meal wasn’t very big really.

Picture will go here… eventually

Snacks: A lot of peanut butter. Seriously – a lot. A BBQ sausage (cold and yummy) from yesterday. A small bowl of All bran with strawberries and peaches, a banana and an apple.

Weight today: 10 st 3.5lbs (143.5lbs)

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