Friday, 23 July 2010


On Wednesday I decided to take it east because the sun burn and bad back didn’t make for the best day on Tuesday! My original plan had been to follow a walk from Highgate to Hampstead from my book of London Walks, but instead I decided to go to a couple of museums so that I could spend more of the day indoors. First thing in the morning I went to the Florence Nightingale Museum near St Thomas’ Hospital on the South Bank. I meant to go last visit but it was closed for refurbishment, then I meant to go on Monday but ran out of time because of all my walking, so I finally did make it on Wednesday!

The museum was interesting and quite cute, not very big, but the exhibit seemed to have been designed with more attention to kids than adults. There was an audio guide delivered through headphones shaped like stethoscopes that you pressed against buttons along side some of the artefacts, and these buttons were a bit low for comfort for adults; also there were ‘peepholes’ to look through which were definitely at child-height and I just ignored them after a while because I didn’t want to get backache! In addition to the Florence-specific material there was also information about the development of nursing as a career and specialism since the Crimean War. I couldn’t take many pictures in there because of the low lighting (besides, they want people to visit, not just read this!)

P1060839    P1060848

I thought the above poster summed up life rather well ;-)

After the Florence Museum I considered going to the nearby Film Museum, but it was expensive to get in and I wasn’t that interested. I then remembered my other failed museum trip from a past London visit – The Museum of London. I decided that while I was on a roll I’d go there too! I walked over the Jubilee foot bridge and stopped on the other side to have lunch at Las Iguanas


before walking along the Strand to the Museum. As expected, the exhibits were open this time and I viewed the artefacts from the prehistoric era, Romano British Age, and Dark Ages before deciding that I’d had enough – but I thoroughly enjoyed it and will go back another time to look at the development of London from Medieval times to the present day.

Again, it was too dark in there to take many photos

  P1060862 P1060863

Kitchen recreation (based on a wealthy Roman’s villa)P1060865 P1060868 P1060869

Actual remains of Roman wall outside the museum (above)P1060870 P1060874

Recreation of a Dark Ages house

Food today:

Wednesday was a somewhat better day, though as you will see in the next post I was premature in thinking I was back on track…

Breakfast: Greek Yoghurt with honey, fruit & granola


Lunch: Mushrooms in a spicy creamy sauce with tortillas and a mushroom burrito

P1060850 P1060851 P1060852 P1060881

Dinner: Back to Nando’s for a Portobello mushroom & halloumi burger (more mushrooms!) with their excellent corn and chips :-(


Followed by a cinnamon-apple stuffed Krispy Kreme doughnut for dessert (no picture because you’ve seen it before)

Snacks: A latte and biscotti at Starbucks

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  1. Chrissie, I love these tours of London that you are sharing here. It's a vicarious thrill for me. I'm disappointed that you were disappointed in Kew. I wonder if the actual gardens are worth the trip. I've watched the BBC show on the gardens and found the show interesting, but didn't give much thought to the surrounding area. I hope you enjoy the rest of your time in London.