Monday, 26 July 2010


Today got off to a frustrating start when I drove 32+ miles to a furniture store in search of a chest of drawers – only to find out that it would take ten weeks to come!!! I think they must be growing the tree from seed or something… So I ended up ordering something else online, which I could have done without first driving through endless miles of road-works, following unbelievably slow farming vehicles on winding country roads, and generally wasting my entire morning for absolutely nothing!!! It did distract me from any desire to eat my way through the morning though, I suppose…

In the afternoon I waited for deliveries, and decided to wait till after 6pm to go for a walk, as that’s when delivery men usually finish work for the day. I was hoping it might be a bit cooler and drier, but that proved not to be the case of course, so in the end I decided a bath would be more relaxing – especially as I haven’t had a day without a walk or training session for a couple of weeks now. I do still quite like walking in the evenings though, apart from the fact that there are fewer excuses to go out if the shops and library are closed.

Food today:

Breakfast: 2 Scrambled eggs with dry fried mushrooms, pepper and onion served on toast


Lunch: Chilled watermelon soup (last portion :-( ) and a salad with 2 defrosted quorn sausages I cooked last time I barbecued and an LC sandwich


Dinner: Yum! New stuff galore! I have 2 cookbooks I’ve owned for a while and not really used. Today I decided that had to change. These are the books:

P1060926 P1060924

These are the recipes I chose:


(Mushroom curry not bean as per the variation)


And here is the finished dish, served with cauliflower rice:


You might find yourself squinting at the above photograph in search of the fried onion and red chilli that was supposed to top the dahl. I have to confess that I forgot all about it till I was already eating the meal – so that didn’t happen, sadly. It was very tasty as it was, but i reckon that would have added a whole new dimension, so I’ll have to try to remember next time! It wasn’t particularly spicy, but I thoroughly enjoyed it and will do it again (plus I have a portion of each left to freeze)

Snacks: All bran with peaches and raspberries; cottage cheese with seed mix (not as good as Greek yoghurt in this combo) and an unphotographed handful of nuts & spoonful of peanut butter


Weight today: 10 st 4.25lbs (144.25 lbs) again

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  1. Hmm, I've got some split peas. I picked them up thinking they were lentils. Recipe looks really good. And one of these days, I'll have to try Quorn - I just saw a documentary about it.

    So sorry about the furniture frustrations - I would have a hard time ordering something online without having seen it first!