Monday, 5 July 2010

Monday again

They do keep coming around, don’t they?

I actually managed to sleep quite well last night – by my standards anyway – and had trouble getting out of bed even so. I guess my body recognises sleep when it experiences it and wants more… I must have about 10 years-worth to catch up on by now!

After struggling out of bed and breakfasting I managed to make it into the gym not once but twice! First off I cycled 15 miles on the stationary bike (I know it’s hardly the Tour de France, but I’m always pleased when I get on the bike!!!)  then did half an hour on the elliptical walker later on. I think the humidity contributed to the fact that I sweated buckets!!! - its been a very humid, sticky day all day today so I didn’t feel like going for a walk until this evening (not that it seemed any cooler by then) . The only improvement was a slightly cooler wind, though that came and went – mainly went – so I got back sweaty again! Beautiful blue sky considering it was about 6:30 pm I thought!

P1060399 P1060400 P1060401

Obviously I went over the fields, so at least I wasn’t too offensive to the people of Wales!

This afternoon I heard that I didn’t get the job I interviewed for last week, thank god! It was a permie role, and I’m a contractor through and through – and I would have felt guilty accepting it as a stopgap (not that that would have stopped me!). Obviously I’m less happy to have to carry on looking for a contract, but that’s just the way it goes…

Food today:

Breakfast: Steel cut oats cooked in the slow cooker overnight in a mixture of strong black coffee and carob powder. It looked very dangerous but tasted fairly bland until I added cookies and cream whey and Greek yoghurt – then it got nice and creamy and I enjoyed it a lot. I don’t think I’ll bother with the coffee again though, it really didn’t add a lot to the meal that I could tell.


Lunch: I defrosted some tricoloured gnocchi that’s been in the freezer for ages and made a sauce of pesto and LC for it, with broccoli, leek, courgette, mushrooms, peas and corn – I think that was everything. It wasn’t brilliant but it was tasty and made a nice change. I always use a really tiny amount of pesto in meals because of both the strong flavour and the high fat. I think in this instance I didn’t quite use enough.


Followed by a small tub of rum & raisin ice-cream…

P1060394 P1060395

Dinner: 2 (slightly freezer-burnt) rolls stuffed (and I mean stuffed!) with grilled vegetables and halloumi. Delicious!!! Accompanied by a boiled ear of corn.


Snacks: Cottage cheese with peaches, a snack pack of dates, some cherries and frozen grapes… and rather a lot of salted cashew nuts! I’m now chugging gallons of  fluids, hoping to wash the salt out before tomorrow’s weigh in! Oh, and a piece of buckwheat bread that was supposed to be part of lunch but became a post-training snack when I went light headed and giddy for a moment after the second training session.

P1060390 P1060391 P1060392

Weight: 10 st 3.1lbs (143.1lbs)

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  1. I will try to draw inspiration from you - hooray for working out not once, but twice AND walking!