Friday, 23 July 2010

Kew 0, Richmond 1

I meant to go to Kew Gardens on Thursday morning, and got to Kew very early so I could explore before the gardens opened. I think I was expecting Kew to be kind of like Barnes or Golders Green, with lots to look at and nice coffee shops etc. I was very disappointed by how little was there in the end, the whole place seemed to basically exist just for the Gardens, and after walking around everything that I could see I was bored – with over 30 minutes still to go before the Gardens opened.

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So I said to hell with this and got on a train or two to Richmond (I didn’t realise how easily I could have walked it instead – damn!)

Richmond was lovely, I had no special plans but just wandered around a bit and went into the Museum of Richmond before having lunch. The museum was tiny, but quite charming, and the staff were very friendly.

I didn’t want too busy a day as I had to get back and meet M. I was wearing shorts, so of course it was much cooler and rained several times!!!

Unfortunately I also binged again. I am feeling very disappointed in myself on this count, and have decided that I need to get a grip before the scales start heading in the wrong direction long term.

Food today:

Breakfast: A cooked breakfast in the hotel restaurant


There is a very little cereal (bran flakes and muesli)  under the yoghurt and fruit

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Lunch: Pizza Express Verdure lighter option – fabulous and in no way responsible for my later bad behaviour ;-)


Followed by a Starbucks Lemon Tart for dessert


Dinner: Takeaway because I wasn’t home to cook – Singapore chow mein (I ate about 3/5ths)


Snacks: While bored in Kew I tried a 9 Bar – pumpkin flavour. I liked it a lot, but felt the calories were a bit high for my snacking preference. It was almost as high in calories as a Twix, and while it was certainly healthier I’m not sure it was more enjoyable or filling


As I walked to meet M I had a roll of Wine gums, a stick of raspberry liquorice, a bag of Nestle Randoms and a Nak’d bar. Then a slice of cake in a coffee shop as I waited for him.


My only saving grace is that I had a Bounce ball and a bag of We Are Bear granola in my bag and didn’t eat them as well… And there’s fruit on that cake so its practically a fruit salad…

I felt it was best not to weigh myself this morning as the sodium from the takeaway would lead to a depressing figure even without all the gratuitous bingeing behaviour. But I’ll get back to being accountable tomorrow, I promise

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