Saturday, 17 July 2010


I know I’m late, but I’m having trouble getting round to posting in the evenings at the moment

I ate a lot of junk yesterday, not a binge, just a (very) relaxed day. Why relaxed? Because I’ve decided that I might just maintain at this weight now. It gives me a BMI of about 23, which I know is a bad measure of health but you’ve got to use something! Due to my being overendowed in one particular area this doesn’t reflect my over-all proportions any more than it would if I were muscular, but I’m not too unhappy with those at the moment!  Obviously I’m very likely to change my mind about that before long, but for now, this will do just fine!


Breakfast: All bran with peaches and strawberries and one hard boiled egg in Nimble bread

P1060600 P1060601

Lunch: 2 black bean burgers home-made by me (with a tiny bit of pumpkin and some borlotti beans because I didn’t have enough black beans – and they were very good. I also used soaked chia seeds to bind them because I had no egg whites. With a salad


Dinner: M had a pizza craving. We had a local place that does pizza we weren’t keen on, but strangely there’s a complete absence of the big chains around here, so we decided to give them another shot. They’re mainly a kebab place, so we each got a kebab (because we know they’re good) and a small pizza to try (in case the pizza was still rubbish). It wasn’t rubbish, so we had 2 pieces each.


Snacks: in the morning a bag of French fry crisps and a Nature Valley trail mix bar. In the afternoon a Twix and a little bit of Ben & Jerry’s – nearly finished the frozen yoghurt now!

Weight: 10 st 3.5 lbs (143.5lbs)

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