Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Fatty Wednesday

Cycled again today, and again kept my walk until the evening. That might have been a bad idea; my knees have been bothering me a bit on the stationary bike and I meant to get some elasticated sports support sleeves or whatever they’re called, but when I rushed to the chemists this evening (getting there 10 mins before closing) I picked up the wrong size… I was in such a rush to get there on time it never occurred to me to measure my knee! I’ll have to take them back and replace them with the next size up tomorrow I guess.

Today’s weather has been quite changeable, between overcast and gloomy and occasional bright spells. It was quite pleasant for some of the walk, so I took a few panoramic shots from the railway embankment…

P1060972 P1060973 P1060974 P1060977 P1060978

Food today:

Breakfast: 2 poached eggs on wholemeal toast


Lunch: A massive stir fry with tons of vegetables plus a chicken breast that left me feeling utterly stuffed ALL afternoon! Flavoured it with ginger, garlic, soy and chilli flakes as usual but this time added lemongrass and lemon juice just because – and enjoyed it!


Dinner: A snack pack of vegetable sushi I wanted try and some 10 bean vegetable soup, bulked up with spinach. The sushi wasn’t bad at all, but not a patch on the fishy kind!

P1060970 P1060971

Snacks: Greek yoghurt (actually not Greek, it was Onken Set Yoghurt because it was on sale) with raspberries and nuts yum yum

P1060967 P1060968

I’ve been trying to resist the processed sweet foods this week (had you noticed? probably not) but now I seem to be getting a thing for nuts (sounds a bit rude <blush>) so I ate rather a lot more nuts than shown above, but still stayed well inside calories and well out of binge mode. Though my fat percentage for the day is waaay higher than normal! I also ate a huge slice of watermelon after the exercise bike.

Weight today: A slightly surprising 10 st 2.5lbs (142.5 lbs). I don’t expect it to be the same (or lower) tomorrow… to be as subtle as I’m capable of, I suspect this is the result of an upset stomach I’ve had for several days… lets just say my body has been forced to do its digesting a lot faster than usual :-(. It seems to have settled down now so no doubt I’ll be heavier tomorrow.

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