Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Busy busy busy

As I mentioned previously, I have visitors coming tomorrow. I have now pretty much finished making my house less embarrassing, and also baked an apple cake, some brownies (OK, mixed pumpkin puree with a box mix, it counts!!!) and roasted a small beef and a small gammon joint for sandwiches. In the middle of doing that I somehow found the time to spend 40 minutes on the elliptical walker. I feel productive! And my back aches.

Plus the next time I see a spider it’s going down – before it spins another web to replace the amazing collection I just found hidden in the corners of the less used rooms in the house. And some of the main rooms too, if I’m honest. I live in the country, we’re over-run by the damn things!

The baking was exciting. I discovered this afternoon that my Bundt cake tin is smaller than the tube tin mentioned in the recipe. I discovered that when I ran out of space, had to make 3 muffins with the batter as well as the cake, and still had an overflowing pan problem 10 minutes after I put them in the oven! Luckily a few minutes later it occurred to me that the over-flowed batter might burn if left, so I scraped it off the baking tray I’d used to support my silicon cake pan – and ate it! (Plus a little bit trimmed off the edges here and there after the baking!)  Very nice indeed, I think the cake will be successful! See the trimmings? I assure you I didn’t eat the burnt bits ;-)

P1060413 P1060414

Right way up:


I may sprinkle on some icing sugar tomorrow.

And the brownies:


Excuse the dreadful picture, they’ll look better out of the pan and sliced!

Food today:

Breakfast: all bran with strawberries and peaches

Lunch: Chicken Tofu with cashew nuts and a vegetable stir fry instead of noodles / rice. I felt a bit short-changed in the vegetable department after lunch yesterday – the same cannot be said today!


Dinner: 2 slices of home-made pizza from the freezer with salad. The pizza was one I’d made for M to satisfy his preference for deep pan pizza – I prefer thin crust myself, so it was too much for me and I left the outside crust. It was a spelt wholemeal crust though, so quite healthy!


Snacks: Cottage cheese with 3 fruit marmalade – I prefer the strawberry jam in this combination.


And a small(ish) muffins-worth of part-baked apple cake!

Weight: 10 st 3lbs exactly (143)


  1. That apple cake looks yummy! You did have a productive day. I would be begging for a massage, I think. What is a gammon joint?

  2. A gammon joint is a cured pork joint. It can be smoked or unsmoked, and you boil it or roast it. (typically boil unsmoked joints because they're very very salty). I suppose its kind of like a big lump of canadian bacon...?