Sunday, 11 July 2010

Baking hot Sunday

Which didn’t stop me from walking into Chepstow this morning, although the heat made it quite an effort some of the time! I wanted a nice coffee from the coffee shop, and I added a little something to eat as well.

P1060451 P1060452 P1060453 P1060454 P1060455

I’ve been hungry this afternoon but haven’t pigged out so that’s something!

Food today:

Breakfast: All bran with strawberries and peaches


Lunch: Stir fried vegetables with teriyaki tofu


Dinner: 4 small crackers with goat’s cheese smeared on (excuse my ugly hand, included for scale!);


Humnut- millet salad (with some natural yoghurt stirred in) with a mixed salad, topped with a teaspoon of mixed seeds


Snacks: Yoghurt with granola and summer fruit in a coffee shop; pic-n-mix on the way home again!


Weight today: 145 lbs (10 st 5 lbs). Definitely could’ve been worse given the last 3 days!


  1. Millet, huh? I've never had that. Is it cooked? Eaten raw? Your fruit parfait looks yummy and refreshing.

  2. Your salad looks so inviting with all those colors!

    Beautiful pics!