Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Back in the city again

London! It’s been so long…

I spent yesterday walking, shopping, and sadly – eating!

I decided to visit a new Wholefoods Market I’d discovered in Soho, buy M some ties while I was there, and wander around in the morning then go to a museum in the afternoon. Unfortunately due to a temporary Monday morning insanity the shopping took all day and I never made it to the museum – instead I walked almost 10 miles in the baking heat basically going round in circles. Still enjoyed it though!!!

I got some outstanding views of the Houses of Parliament across the Thames:

P1060619 P1060620

Found a memorial to the women of SOE in WWII:


And walked alongside Buckingham Palace:


Through a sunbaked Hyde Park,

P1060630 P1060632 P1060633 P1060635 P1060640

Past the Royal Albert Hall and Albert Memorial:

P1060641 P1060642

Wound up visiting 2 Wholefoods Markets because the first one was too small, and then walked up Kensington Church Street to Notting Hill Gate

P1060645 P1060646 P1060647

before descending into the tub system in total exhaustion!

Food today: I fucked up and pigged out big time! I realised eventually that where I thought I was hungry I was actually thirsty and even dehydrated due to the heat. I will do better at drinking fluids today instead! (though still allowing for treat obviously)

Breakfast: Before leaving I had an overnight brekkie of Greek yoghurt mixed with soaked chia seeds and cookies & cream whey. Very tasty, but no real sticking power. So when I reached a Costa coffee I was powerless before the white chocolate & raspberry muffin…

P1060616 P1060617

Lunch: A pot of Japanese curry tofu soup at another new chain I hadn’t tried before – Wasabi Sushi & Bento. Very tasty, probably not too unhealthy. Followed by one scoop of banana chocolate brownie gelato from Wholefoods Market once I hit the Kensington branch

P1060627 P1060628 P1060643

Dinner: Nando’s 1/4 chicken with corn and peri peri chips, served with a glass of sangria and followed by a serving of strawberry flavoured frozen yoghurt

P1060649 P1060650

Snacks: One cashew cookie Nak’d bar; one Banana bread Nak’d bar (both the smaller size); an apple and some dried fruit & flavoured nuts on the train coming out of London

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  1. I would have never thought of London as being parched, but it surely looks that way. I'm glad you had a good time - and the snacking doesn't look bad to me at all. That grilled chicken and corn sure looks yummy!