Wednesday, 23 June 2010

What a beautiful day

That I spent not walking anywhere, although I’m about to correct that (just a little walk for today). I was up bright and early as usual, and after a cup of coffee for energy managed to get myself onto the elliptical walker before breakfast. I used to find it a lot easier to train first thing in the morning – in fact it was my favourite time to train, and became just part of my normal routine to get up – but these days, its a struggle every time I plan it. And yet its so satisfying to use breakfast as a post-training snack and start the day knowing I’ve already ticked that box (not to mention the fact that if anyone ever offers me a job again it could prove to be a useful habit to have)

I went to the library and shopped earlyish, then got handy in the garden. We have some teak garden furniture that has been weathering in a less than attractive way – I think its because Wales is so damp – instead of just going silvery grey, its been looking like its peeling and getting very rough. So I’ve ordered some products to clean it and treat it to stop that happening again, and today spent some time going at it with some fine sandpaper to smooth down the finish (and clean off the bird crap). It wasn’t hard work, but it was difficult to do it for long because it was so bright and hot in the garden – and also because somewhere near us there seems to be a wasps nest and they kept coming over to see what I was doing (in the process encouraging me to go back indoors. I’m not phobic, but I’m wary)

Food today:

Breakfast: Steel cut oats cooked in water in the slow cooker with some frozen home-made apple-sauce over night, then mixed with cookies & cream whey, topped with a dollop of Fage Greek yoghurt (still using up my mixture of full fat and fat free) and a sprinkle of mixed seeds (plus a 3 ingredient peanut butter cookie as a treat for training first thing). The porridge was absolutely delicious – the whey is a little too sweet unless mixed with tart fruits or yoghurt, but the balance worked really well today.


Lunch: I used up the sloppy joe mix from yesterday by adding a little liquid to loosen it and a load of courgette to bulk it up, then serving it over spaghetti squash with salad and dry-fried polenta chips. I cannot seem to get spaghetti squash right (OK, this only the 2nd / 3rd attempt, but still…) so if anyone out there has an infallible tip please let me know! I just cut it in half lengthways and removed the seeds & pulp then baked it in the oven before struggling to shred it with forks.


Dinner: Buckwheat bread sandwich with ham and salad plus a bowl of chunky vegetable soup. I made too much salad to fit in the sandwich so had the rest on the side.



Protein smoothie and all bran with peaches plus the last Dorset cereal high fibre bar.


  1. Chrissie, your day sounds wonderful. Good food, a good training session, a cookie and some sunshine!

    What do feel is the problem with your spaghetti squash? Are you cooking it long enough?

  2. I wish I was more of a morning workout person. I think my favorite time is late afternoon. I cook spaghetti squash the same way, but I rub a little olive oil on it - not much, but it tastes a little better with it. Good luck with the teak furniture. We need to do that with our redwood deck before too long.