Thursday, 24 June 2010

Walking again

I went for a proper walk today after a trial run last night to make sure that my jeans would drive me nuts making the tattoo itch. I even took my rucksack – I know, fools rush in and all that, but I needed it! And it made me feel more like me again! I went into town to do some shopping, and went across fields to get there, which was good apart from me getting stabbed – through my jeans – by an enormous thistle along the way. So that’s why it’s a bad idea to walk through incredibly overgrown fields while using my phone to send messages to my husband… after that I put the phone away and paid a lot more attention to where I was walking! It was too late though, I think the tip of the thistle ‘spear’ broke off in my jeans and rubbed my leg the rest of the way there and all the way back, so I’ve got a sore patch on my leg now. Still worth it though!

Not least because before I headed out I’d been feeling unmistakable symptoms of a forthcoming binge…. Last night after I posted I snapped and ate half a large bag of Japanese rice crackers that I’d bought because my Dad, his wife, her daughter & son in law, and my brother are coming over on Saturday so that we can go out for lunch to the Thai / Indian restaurant I love so much. This morning I decided that it wasn’t worth the risk of keeping the rice crackers around (mainly because I’d pulled the bag out to weigh it and see how much I actually ate last night and had already taken a couple more out to eat… I don’t know where my head is these days, but its not in a particularly healthy place, that’s for sure.) so I threw the other half away. I may still get a bag for Saturday, but I’ll buy it ON Saturday and not before if I do…

This afternoon was mostly housework time. I didn’t feel quite my normal level of hatred for the task because something occurred to me before I started. I treat this almost as something that someone is making me do – something pointless really because it always needs doing again five minutes later. But the fact is I actually like the end results, having a tidy and clean house, myself – so now I’m trying to see it as something I’m doing for me. It probably won’t last – especially as I’m not prone to feeling like I deserve to have things for myself – but it did make me a bit happier about doing it today.  I followed that by making a massive meatloaf for M and mixing up some overnight dough for an Artisan Bread in 5 minutes recipe – again for Saturday – this one is called Chocolate Espresso bread…………….. here’s the dough so far…



I’m planning to make a loaf of bread for any more Spartan eaters plus some cupcakes (to be frosted with the lovely fudge frosting I made last time we entertained) – to be given away if leftovers exist!

Food today:

Breakfast: All bran with peaches and raisins and a hard boiled egg sandwich


Lunch: Chunky vegetable soup (last portion) and some brown rice sushi to satisfy a craving


Dinner: A massive stir fry with a few prawns added for protein. I think maybe I’ve been missing the meat lately so I decided to see how I do adding fish & seafood.


Snacks: A bowl of Fage yoghurt with defrosted raspberries and fresh strawberries; spicy (and sadly salty) popcorn, plus some prepared melon from Waitrose. (I may also have nibbled a few dark chocolate chips from a  bag bought for the bread… but no photographic evidence exists so you’ll never convict me….


Weight today: 10 st 4.5lbs (144.5lbs). I decided I needed to take the accountability back, and I think this reflects the salt in the rice crackers rather well. Following it with sushi (though I used reduced sodium soy sauce) and a stir fry today may mean I’m not overjoyed tomorrow either, but at least I know why!!!


  1. Sorry your head isn't in the right place - hopefully you were able to enjoy a nice weekend with family!



  2. Chrissie,

    Just checking in on you. Hope all is well.