Saturday, 12 June 2010


Last port of call was Vigo in Spain. I actually didn’t train on the Thursday! We had no tour booked as we’d been to Vigo on a previous cruise and had done a tour on that cruise, so we just spent about an hour wandering around Vigo (the port is right there in the town so we could walk there rather than needing any transportation)

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Food today:

Breakfast buffet:

P1060035 P1060036

Lunch buffet:

P1060064 P1060065

Pre-dinner cocktail:



Fruit to start:

P1060075 P1060079

Then a mixed green salad:

P1060076 P1060080

Followed by Grilled Eggplant Napoleon:

 P1060077 P1060081

Dessert was Baked Alaska (they didn’t give us a choice, and as I’m not a fan, I sulked and failed to get a photo!!!)

Towel art in the cabin:


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