Sunday, 13 June 2010

Travelling home

We’d docked at Southampton by the time I got up on Saturday morning. I didn’t bother trying to fit in a visit to the gym as we’d agreed to disembark and hit the road as early as possible. i did decide to dash to the buffet – they usually supply pastries and coffee from 6am – and had a look around while I was out to see what kind of progress they were making with the docking and clearing (security) for the ship but it was M who noticed after we’d eaten that people had started leaving.

We left the ship about 6:25 am and found our car just where we’d left it (always a slightly fraught moment ;-) ) and headed for home. Unfortunately due to a slight error on the way home it took us twice as long to get back as it should have, though the traffic was light so it could have been worse. As soon as I’d checked the house and opened my post I headed to the supermarket by car as I’d decided to make the day a rest day.

The rest of the day was a whirlwind of unpacking, laundry, TV watching and very little relaxing. I had a slightly early night as my always unreliable sleep had been predictably affected by the knowledge that we had a travel day ahead of us.

Sorry this was such a boring post! If you’ve ever been to Southampton Docks (Cruise terminals) you’ll appreciate why I have no photos of the harbour or docks; however it was a lovely morning and I did take some snaps I liked of attractive cloud and rippling water effects that I will inflict on share with you – I hope you don’t find them too dull / pretentious!

P1060095 P1060097 P1060105 P1060107  P1060109 P1060111


Breakfast: a small selection from the buffet (which had fully opened an hour earlier than usual to facilitate disembarkation):


Lunch: Soup and a salad of grilled vegetables:


Dinner: Stir fry veg with marinated tofu (which I really liked) and a portion of a Waitrose ready meal – edamame and pak choi – that I’d defrosted and added to the fresh vegetables.

P1060116 P1060117


Snacks: All bran with strawberries and 2 snack packs of raisins. I’d meant to have a smoothie but couldn’t face it – I’ve got out of the habit of snacking a bit (don’t expect that to last…)

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