Saturday, 12 June 2010

Travel Day

When I said I had a busy couple of weeks I didn’t mention (for security reasons) that it was a busy 2 weeks on a cruise! While I was gone the internet connection was crap so I did no blog reading let alone posting, but did start some posts off so they would be put down before I forgot everything we did! So here we go…

Tuesday was the departure date for our cruise to the Canary Islands. We drove to Southampton in the morning (as always getting a little bit lost in the awful Southampton road system) to embark the ship about 12 noon, and eventually got on board around 1pm. In the past when we’ve sailed from Southampton we’ve been able to go straight to the cabin but this time they’d shut all the stateroom corridors to passengers until they were ready to let us in, so we had to take our hand luggage to the main buffet for lunch. After lunch we went to the cabin and had a bit of a look around, by which time they’d delivered our cases to the cabin so we were able to unpack.

We didn’t do a lot as we were both really tired and M hadn’t been feeling the best, so we basically rested until dinner time. We met my PiL in the Martini Bar for a cocktail before dinner (very good – mine was called a Tropitini!)

P1050225 P1050226

Then we went into dinner. We were eating in the main restaurant, where there is no charge for the food but you pay for your drinks. The family shared a couple of bottles of Chardonnay while I stuck with ice water (haven’t fancied wine much since the party on Saturday, can’t think why…)

After dinner we pretty much fell into bed after a very brief wander around the ship.

Food today:

Breakfast: All bran with strawberries and sprouted wheat bread with jam

Lunch: Buffet (vegetarian for me) with a small dessert

P1050223 P1050224

Dinner: I had a dish of roasted beetroot with salad and feta cheese,


followed by a salad of mixed leaves with coriander leaves, pickled ginger and peanuts


My main course was vegetable kebabs with citrus rice


Then, having done OK for most of the meal, I fell into dessert… no added sugar banana and blueberry crepe.


Snacks: A Lindt Chocolate hazelnut bar and a few sweets on the drive

Weight: 10st (140lbs)

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