Saturday, 12 June 2010

Third Day at Sea

Days at sea are much quieter and more relaxing, and tend not to offer many good photo ops due to the unending scenery of water as far as the eye can see, so apart from food pictures you get a small break this post!

I trained first thing because I find it so hard to motivate myself later on. It was good, I warmed up with 5 minutes on the rowing machine, then ran 5K on the treadmill before breakfast.

Mid morning I went to an onboard show. It was supposed to be a sort of ‘ready Steady cook’ format cooking show. I was expecting a fair bit because the last show I went to by the same chefs, but to be honest it was a bit disappointing – rather haphazard and shambolic, and nowhere near as funny as I’d hoped, plus no opportunity to taste the food they cooked.

After the demo was lunch, and after lunch I spent a few hours on a sun lounger. The ship has an area called the Solarium, which has a pool, hot tubs and loungers, but is covered over with a glass roof so its warm, even when, as on Tuesday, it’s cold and windy on the open decks. It was so relaxing that I actually fell asleep!

Once I woke up I went back to the cabin and we watched some TV for a while before the pre-dinner cocktail hour.

Food today:

Breakfast buffet:


And low fat yoghurt parfait:


Lunch buffet:

P1050819 P1050820

then I went a little mad, something kicked off a minor binge mood and I went back to the buffet…

P1050821 P1050822 P1050823

The fish & chips were deep fried (the cookie wasn’t!!!) and the cone was low fat frozen yoghurt. And covering all the bases meant that the above satisfied the urge till dinner time…

Pre-dinner cocktail: Coming up roses. With actual rose petals!

P1050824 P1050825

Dinner: The Murano specialty restaurant (French cuisine)

Amuse bouche of smoked salmon mousse topped with a little caviar and served with a miniature brioche roll


Goat’s cheese soufflĂ©


Three mini fillet mignon and a tiny bit of steak tartare with carrot puree, mini croquettes and different sauces (I failed to photograph the menu so I can’t remember the details, sorry!)P1050832 P1050833 P1050835

Cheese plate – which I gave to M.P1050839

Liqueur coffee – an AspenP1050840

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