Saturday, 12 June 2010


After Friday’s excesses in Qsine I was unable to persuade myself to get up and train! I actually still felt quite full, but as we had a trip booked from 9:30 till 2pm – with no lunch included – I couldn’t skip breakfast or eat really late so I had to force myself to eat more than I wanted earlier than I wanted!

The trip was excellent and completely transformed my opinion of Tenerife. We approached the coast at Santa Cruz (the capital of Tenerife) and it’s not a very attractive first impression to be honest. The island is very mountainous and craggy, and looks very bleak, not to say grim – in fact it made me think it would be a good setting for a penal colony! As we drove through the island towards the Mt Tiede national park my eyes got more accustomed to the volcanic scenery and I ended up thinking it really stunning and very beautiful. Its quite chaotic, and looks as though some giant has been throwing a massive tantrum, but the impressive scale and amazing contrasts are outstanding. The area has been used for filming a lot, apparently starting with Racquel Welsh’s One Million Years BC and most recently the remake of Clash of the Titans, and its easy to see why – it really does look like another planet / era.

P1050518 P1050522 P1050525 P1050536 P1050549 P1050550 P1050551 P1050556

Once we got back to the ship we went for lunch and then collapsed in our cabin for a while to let the food digest. I was thinking I might go to the gym in the afternoon to make up for slacking this morning, but that idea lost its appeal fairly quickly!


Breakfast: Buffet


plus some unpictured scrambled eggs & home style potatoes

Lunch: A crepe in Bistro on Five again! This was a vegetarian crepe called a Mexicano and was mostly filled with sweet corn – just what I needed after the meat and fish fest the night before! It was quite spicy and absolutely delicious!

P1050563 P1050564

Cocktail – Tanned Russian:

P1050565 P1050566


Starter – crostini:

P1050567 P1050570

Followed by Broccoli Soup:

P1050568 P1050571

Then a kind of barley risotto:

P1050569 P1050572

Followed by a slice of birthday cake (it was my FiL’s birthday) with vanilla ice cream


Snacks: 2 small biscuits with a cup of milky coffee halfway to the Mt Tiede national park

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