Wednesday, 30 June 2010


Sorry everybody for just dropping off the face of the earth like that! I don’t have any real life excuse except for a petty rebellion against everything…

I don’t know why but at the weekend I just started feeling kind of overwhelmed with rage at the whole healthy living thing. I hated calorie counting, weight watching, healthy food and by extension blogging too, and rather than spew all that rage over you lovely people I just took it with me into a dark quiet place to hide.

So, if you don’t mind, I’d like to pretend the weekend didn’t happen… there were good bits, such as seeing my family on Saturday and more family yesterday, but there were also binges and sulks and generally childish moods! I don’t know if it was being bored and sick of the ongoing rest-of-my-life tedium of trying to be healthy, frustration at the unfruitful job search, or annoyance at the scales showing me bad numbers... or maybe all the above!

Anyway, I decided to log my food this week for myself (so when I pick up proper blogging again I’ll start from that point, not try to show you everything I’ve done in the mean time)  but not calorie count, but start that again next week.

My weight is back to where it was when I first came back from my holiday. And that is down from where it was on Monday.

And I have a full day of job interviews and assessments today. So I may not be back this evening, but I’ll try not to disappear back into my gloomy self-obsessed misery again!

If you’re still here, thanks for not abandoning me!

Chrissie xxx


  1. My dear Chrissie, you do not owe us an neither an apology nor a confession - unless it makes you feel better. I am, however, glad to hear from you. I was concerned. Having a pout can be very therapeutic at times - we are all human, after all.

    I am thinking all the most positive thoughts for your job interviews. I know that has got to be irking you, so I send you my best wishes on your search.



  2. I can understand where you are coming from. This weight loss milarky can get a bit much sometimes. It can be good to vent occasionally and let off some steam so you can keep moving forward.

    Good luck with your job interviews!