Saturday, 12 June 2010

Second Day at Sea

And out of the Bay of Biscay, so seasickness free!

I was up at 6 again today, and went straight to the gym to train. There was only one other person there when I arrived, and it stayed really quiet the whole time, so I guess I was right that most people wouldn’t remain so enthusiastic for long! I did a mini circuit of 10 minutes on the rowing machine, 5 miles on the cycle (23 minutes) and 10 minutes on the elliptical walker, then we headed to breakfast. On the way I snapped a beautiful calm sea, blue sky and NO WAVES…


In the morning I went to a ‘cooking demo’ by one of the specialist chefs on board. It wasn’t clear from the description in the onboard ‘newsletter’ but it was actually a comedy cooking demo – they produced real (very delicious) food while clowning around for an hour, and it was hilarious!

In the afternoon we both went to a talk about the Canary Islands. One of the things we really like about Celebrity Cruises is that they have guest speakers on board doing ‘Enrichment’ seminars, and they’re usually quite good, experienced speakers. Unfortunately on this cruise they aren’t as good as usual – very well informed no doubt, but a bit lacking in the presentation side.

The rest of the day turned into a major pigfest!!!


Breakfast: Buffet as per usual, but piggier….

P1050265 P1050266

Lunch: We went to the Mast Grill. I was hoping for a veggie burger but they only had the real deal so I was forced against my will to eat a cheeseburger and fries. With onion rings. And then pizza and salad in the main buffet because the portions weren’t very big. Followed by some dessert.

P1050269 P1050270 P1050271

Cocktail – Lucky Cat:

P1050276 P1050277

Dinner: Caribbean cod fritters

P1050278 P1050282

Followed by sweet corn soup (with chorizo)



Grilled Alaskan halibut (yum!)

P1050280 P1050284

And then a chocolate thing

P1050285 P1050286

Snacks: None, except for a small spoonful of creme brulee, mushroom risotto and poires belle helene in the cooking demo.

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