Thursday, 17 June 2010

Needles and ink and pain, oh my

Today I finally fulfilled a fantasy I’ve had for quite a while without really knowing why, and got a tattoo. I should point out that I was raised by people (Hi Mum & Dad!) who consider tattoos to be self-mutilation, and for a long time I was part of the ‘you’ll regret it when you’re old’ brigade myself. Then I decided to say ‘screw Old Me, I want it now.’ Even though its possible that I’m already too old for it to be cool / sexy. But if I am, that’s only going to get worse from here. And everybody knows you only really regret the things you didn’t do… As a card-carrying, self-confessed wuss, I carefully picked an area of skin that’s really easy to hide so it won’t stop me getting any jobs or embarrass me in conventional company (and my parents never need know about it unless they find this blog…); namely, my lower back. Yup, I went for a tramp stamp! But it’s really pretty, quite delicate and feminine, honest. Or I think it will be, once it calms down a bit. And it addresses one of my main body issues; namely the fear of exposing any skin (except my face and possibly arms) to the view of a stranger, particularly a stranger whose focus is specifically on me (and my skin).

I’ve heard there are people who get addicted to getting tattoos. I think the guys working in the tattoo parlour I went to must be among that number. Er, WTF??? It’s not pleasant. It’s bloody awful at times (nearly passed out / threw up / lost control of another bodily function at one point during the outlining). But then it was finished, and I had a tattoo, and the horrible torturing bastard who’d been inflicting bodily harm on me turned into a fairly decent human being who stopped stabbing me with needles and rubbed cream on my back … and I realised what keeps some people going back for more – not the stabbing, not the pain, not (really) the artistic pleasure of the result, but the incredible euphoria of walking out of the tattoo studio afterwards with no more pain. It was a sunny day outside, and a sunny day in my heart when the pain stopped… of course I have yet to experience the healing process, so I’m sure I have more horrible surprises yet to come. Still, I have a tattoo. Wanna see??? After it’s healed, that is…

Food today:

Breakfast: All bran with peaches and strawberries. The strawberries are rubbish, annoyingly, so I’ll probably end up binning the rest. Plus a bran muffin from M’s stash.


Lunch: A goat casserole cooked in my slow cooker. It was based on this recipe for Lamb Vindaloo, and it was the unspiciest thing I ever made. Very tasty though, so I’ll try it again sometime with a lot more cayenne pepper!


Dinner: Millet salad, salad vegetables and feta cheese


Snacks: Due to nervousness about my tattoo appointment I ate a lot of snacks. Dried fruit, peanut butter and Maltesers all got added to the original plan of protein smoothie and Greek yoghurt & honey with grape nuts.


Yes I said added. Yes I ate them too.

Weight: 10 st 3.25lbs (143.25 lbs)


  1. Congratulations on getting your ink!

  2. Good For You!!!

    The healing process really isn't that bad... just a little itchy for a bit, like a mild sunburn.

    Can't wait to see!

  3. Hi Chrissie. Can't wait to see your tattoo!!!! Very brave of you to get it done.

    You want plenty of germolene ointment - the one with anasthetic in.

    Your food looks fabulous as ever. Years since I've had grape nuts. Probably just as well, as the whole packet would be gone in one sitting. Also, as I get older I worry about my teeth breaking on really crunchy stuff!!! God, I'm a real old codger these days!

    But you're not, with your new hip tattoo ;) Hope the soreness doesn't interfere with your sleep.

    Bearfriend xx

  4. Can't wait to see your tattoo, I have 3 and really want another! It is totally addictive ;-)

  5. Can't wait to see your tattoo! They are painful aren't they! I have quite a few I only thought I would get one though....!