Saturday, 12 June 2010


We reached Portugal on Wednesday. I’d been to the gym again, just on the elliptical walker.

We had a tour booked that was a city tour with a visit to the famous Lisbon Oceanario. A word of advice if anyone‘s thinking about going to Lisbon anytime, DO NOT go to the aquarium in the week in June. After our visit our guide told us that the kids school holiday starts mid-June, and to control them as they start to get all excited about the holiday, the school’s run a lot of school trips. to aquariums and zoos for instance. The place was filled with about 30 school groups, all from primary schools, and therefore filled with childish laughter. And screams, and shrieks, and sobs…

The actual aquarium was amazing, but I would definitely not go there when it was going to be full of kids again!

I did of course take plenty of photographs even so…

P1050880 P1050887 P1050894 P1050918 P1050926 P1050940 P1050944 P1050959 P1050971 P1050980 P1050981

We didn’t think much of the city tour. It felt like padding – there wasn’t much to see, but we were stuck in the town for half an hour (in the rain – worst weather of the whole trip) walking up and down a street looking at Starbucks and MacDonald's…

Food today:

Breakfast buffet:

P1050841 P1050845

Pancakes with cherries!

Lunch buffet:


And ice-cream from the gelateria – one scoop of rum & raisin (my favourite!) and one of coconut, topped with a little whipped cream and served with a cookie from the buffet.P1060012

Pre-dinner cocktail: Apple martini



Starter: Carpaccio of melon with pineapple cannoli


Japanese Vegetable consommé


Vegetable wellington (or big pasty as M described it!)P1060024 

No dessert as I just didn’t want any.

But some beautiful sunset…


and a lychee martini:


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