Wednesday, 16 June 2010

I am shattered…

Knackered, worn out, TIRED!!!

You all know I got the day off to a less than brilliant start. That was followed by wanting to go into town and buy lots more stuff to eat.

I didn’t.

Instead I went to the gym and did a sort of circuit – 21 minutes rowing, 25 minutes cycling, 35 minutes on the elliptical. Not to burn off the calories of the biscuits or to earn more food calories, just to keep myself away from the kitchen. It worked for then, but after lunch I wanted more. I tried to distract myself with some research into a project I just started and that only half worked. I tried sitting in the garden to make some Vitamin D. None of it stopped me wanting to eat for more than a few minutes.

Then my Dad phoned and that was a good distraction for a while, then it was dinner time and I started wanting dessert after my planned and well behaved dinner… AARGGH

So then I went for a walk across the fields (and forgot my camera – sorry). I spent an hour exploring fields I’d never entered before, found a road I don’t recognise and a little hamlet I’ve never been to before, all in the still blazing sun. I loved it! I even crawled under a barbed wire fence to make an unofficial short cut on the way back! (Something I’ve never risked doing before because I’ve always felt sure I was going to get snagged and possibly ripped!)

Now I’m back and as mentioned above, I’m a little bit tired. At the moment I’m not hungry though, and my next job is to get onto Google Earth and figure out where I went. That should keep me busy for a while! And I’m happier too.

Although I forgot to take my camera on my walk this evening, I did take some pictures of some flowers in my garden earlier on

P1060164 P1060171 P1060176 P1060177

Food today:

Breakfast: All bran with strawberries AND peaches

Lunch: Home-made black bean burgers with salad. I made a burger tower of 2 burgers, one slice of vegan substitute cheese (smelled horrible but tasted OK), a slice of red onion, a slice of cucumber, a slice of tomato, some lettuce and a smear of chilli jam on a slice of Nimble. Yummy! The tower was a great combination of flavours! (which admittedly doesn’t look marvellous…)


Followed by some goat’s milk ice-cream… oops

Dinner: Home-made split pea soup (with spinach, peas and corn added to bulk it up) with nimble, red onion and LC toasted sandwich


Snacks: Anna’s Chocolate Orange Thins * too many to go into. Post-training snack of cottage cheese layered with semi-defrosted blackberries and blueberries.


And an afternoon protein smoothie. There may have been some dried fruit in there too, and peanut butter as well. Still, pretty sure I am within calories thanks to all my busyness!


  1. Way to attack the snackies! You did not give up and you perservered. Awesome. Your burger tower look yummy to me.

  2. Hi Chrissie. Sounds like a day long struggle, but you won! So great that you fought it all the way.

    It's amazing when you've been walking around an area for quite a long time and suddenly find new route/ path/ road you've never taken before. It's like it's been hiding away from you all that time. I often think my walks are boring as I've done them so many times. But really there's still tons out there to explore.

    You have a lovely garden.

    Hope you get a good nights sleep!

    Bearfriend xx