Saturday, 12 June 2010

Gran Canaria

I managed to get up and train on the Sunday. I used the treadmill – my first run of any kind since we were in Cuba last year. I managed to run 2 miles, which I was pleased with – apart from my speed, which was on the low side. Still, any new thing done is worth it, right?

Gran Canaria was my least favourite Canary Island. I’m not entirely sure why; it was volcanic, like the others, we did a similar trip and the weather wasn’t significantly worse, so I’m not sure why it didn’t grab me, but there was simply no spark for me.



One thing that was interesting was the art below. It was being created using coloured salt on the pavements and roads in celebration of the festival of Corpus Christi. If it had rained, all their hard work would have been dissolved and washed away; luckily that didn’t happen. However, even escaping the rain, they were creating these specifically for the festival and were going to sweep them away after the festival.


Food today:

Breakfast: Buffet as always

P1050574 P1050577

Lunch: Also buffet. The ice-cream was to try out the freebie ice-cream available as part of the buffet, which was not as good (as should be the case!) as the stuff you pay for in the Gelateria on Deck 5.

 P1050636 P1050637 P1050638                 

Pre-dinner cocktail: a classic Cosmopolitan!

P1050639 P1050640

Dinner: At the Tuscan Grill specialty restaurant – an Italian Steakhouse


Starter: Casserole of lump crab with cheese and mashed potato – very very delicious but admittedly maybe a bit rich and heavy for a starter! (though it wasn’t very big)


Followed by a goat’s cheese salad (I only ate half the cheese in an effort to save room for the other courses)


Then a NY strip steak (chosen because I liked the sound of the accompaniments if I’m honest – as the description ‘Italian Steakhouse’ makes clear, it wasn’t really veggie heaven! It was served with roasted vegetables, garlic paprika chips, and garlic mayonnaise

P1050645 P1050646

I had ordered a small portion of linguine Alfredo thinking it would come before the main course and we’d all share it; it actually came with the main course and with the help of the others I ate nearly half of it. What can I say, if I over-order I’m incapable of choosing to waste the results…. P1050647


Obviously the above isn’t food – but it was the view from the restaurant and I love the light so I decided to share it!

I didn’t want dessert. I ordered a tiramisu so that everyone else could try it but didn’t eat any myself, so didn’t bother photographing it.

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