Saturday, 12 June 2010

First Day at Sea

I was hoping to get a little more done today, but sadly I underestimated the Bay of Biscay. Lets be clear, the Bay of Biscay SUCKS. Big time. You may remember me telling you that I have seasickness, but that I fix it with a wonder drug called Stugeron 15. Well, as wonder drugs go its not up to the Bay of Biscay. I’d love to say I at least didn’t eat / drink today but that wouldn’t be true – I spent the day moving from prone on the bed groaning softly (M would dispute the word ‘softly’!!!) and eating in the buffet or various other options.

I did make it to the gym in the morning. I hauled myself out of bed at 6am after lying awake regretting the movement of the ship most of the night, and staggered (due to the ship’s rolling, nothing more!!!) to the gym. It was surprisingly busy, but the first morning is often the busiest and a day at sea sends most people there too, so I didn’t expect it to last. I stuck with a Life Fitness Elliptical Walker, listening to an audio book (Elizabeth Gilbert’s ‘Eat, Pray, Love’) and watching the split between a super fit girl doing some kind of circuit/ guy sweating on the one rowing machine and the much less fit people walking very slowly on the treadmills.

I then showered in the gym changing rooms and went back to the cabin to pick M up for breakfast in the buffet. It was very quiet, being still quite early, which is just the way I like it. I ate relatively lightly (for a holiday anyway) and then went back to the cabin and collapsed…

About 11 am we went to a wine tasting class. On cruise ships these are quite popular anyway; because we belong to the Celebrity loyalty program – the Captain’s Club – we were invited to a free one. We’ve done lots in the and weren’t going to bother but if its free why not? It was actually very good thanks to the Wine Expert doing the talk, but I drank at most half of each wine because I still wasn’t in the mood for wine.


Afterwards it was lunchtime. It was quite busy so we sat outside. to be honest, that’s more pleasant when you’re in dock somewhere since at sea there’s always a strongish wind, but the food was nice and a had a bottle of Samuel Adams Boston Lager, hoping that the carbonation would settle my stomach.

Around 2pm I tried to attend a cooking demonstration, but it was so busy you couldn’t get a view, so we gave up. Celebrity has an excellent selection of free movies in the rooms so we went to watch ‘Burn After Reading’. I love John Malkovich, but the movie was a little strange… maybe it would have been easier to follow if I hadn’t fallen asleep!

Food today:

Breakfast: Buffet of fruit plus a wedge of frittata and some apple juice, followed later by a light brioche-type roll made with shredded carrot

P1050234 P1050235

Lunch: Buffet of salad with (in case you thought I was depriving myself of the good stuff) some fried chips and a fried vegetable spring roll (both very yummy!)


Followed by apple crumble with vanilla creme and a sugar free jello


Cocktail: Skinny Martini

P1050243 P1050244

Dinner: Grenadine scented pineapple

P1050245 P1050250

Followed by Vegetable consommé


then BBQ Chilean Sea bass


and finally a No Added Sugar phyllo Tulip filled with vanilla crème and fresh fruit


All delicious!

Later we had another cocktail – called an Autumn Breeze


Snacks: Not really going into the snacks too much on this holiday I hope – given that the meals are going to be much more calorific) but this afternoon we assuaged our disappointment at not getting to the cooking demo by getting gelato – in my case, one scoop of rum & raisin and one scoop of chocolate hazelnut. I failed to get a photo but believe me I’ll be going back for more so watch this apace and you’ll still get to see it in all its evil beauty!!!

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